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With practical tips and plenty of encouragement, Ana Willis helps overwhelmed homeschool moms experience the joys of a Charlotte Mason-inspired Biblical education for their families.

"If you’re considering Ana Willis as a speaker for your event, you’re in a winning situation! I’ve known Ana for years; have heard her speak and present numerous times (including as a guest on my podcast); and can honestly say she is dynamic, passionate, fresh, and inspiring.
Ana has a wide range of knowledge and expertise (don’t miss her resume) as well as valid life experiences that make her a genuine speaker, full of zest for life and the Lord. Her episode on my podcast ranked one of the highest we’ve offered in traffic. Don’t miss the opportunity to add Ana to your lineup! She’s very special. :)"
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Meet Ana Willis

Homeschool Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster

Ana is a wife, homeschool mom of 3, blogger, speaker, and Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool mentor to hundreds of families in The Homeschool Sisterhood.

Ana is also a women’s pastor and a passionate Bible and Hebrew teacher. She studied Theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has a double Bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Jewish Studies.

As a homeschool mentor, Ana loves helping moms find joy in their homeschool, be more organized, grow in their faith, and even make an income working from home! 

Her goal is to help homeschool moms go from stressed to blessed, experience the joys of a Charlotte Mason-inspired Biblical education, and find fulfillment in their homeschool calling. 

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Ana's Speaking Topics

Teaching Bible, math, history, science, reading, and writing keeps you busy enough. How can you make time for art, foreign language, literature, music, poetry, folk songs, hymn, Plutarch, and even Shakespeare too?

In this workshop, you’ll learn practical steps for teaching all this and more, through implementing Charlotte Mason’s concept of spreading a feast of ideas.

How can we raise kingdom-minded children in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good? In a world like Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how a Charlotte Mason education is a God-sent tool to raise children who do not conform to the patterns of this world.

Why do the majority of Christian children leave the faith by the time they go to college? It’s due to a lack of knowledge of God and understanding of His Word.

Charlotte Mason makes it clear that the knowledge of God should take absolute priority in our homeschool. In this workshop, you’ll receive a daily action plan to help your children study and fall in love with God’s Word.

Your homeschool lessons don’t have to be boring! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to add various “spices” to elevate your kids’ learning to a rich and tasteful feast. You’ll also get practical ideas to capture the heart of your child and help him or her fall in love with learning in a fresh new way!

Homeschooling can be very challenging, especially when you’re new to it. Have you ever wondered if there was a recipe for successful homeschooling that works for all? How about a simple step-by-step roadmap? 

The good news is: There is, and it’s easier than you think. In this workshop, you’ll learn the 7 Cs of a successful homeschool, a step-by-step homeschool success path.

Is trying to balance homeschooling with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and everything else you do leaving you completely overwhelmed, overwhelmed, and burned out? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn practical steps to put your home and homeschooling on autopilot, making your life way easier. Stop just surviving and start thriving!

Charlotte Mason said: “Of the three sorts of knowledge proper to a child… the knowledge of God ranks first in importance…” Yet, if knowledge of God ranks first, why do we spend so much more time on other subjects?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make knowledge of God your #1 homeschool priority to produce Godly character, spiritual growth, and a legacy for God’s glory.

How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, scared to start, or ready to give up homeschooling? If so, you’re not alone. We can easily fall into homeschool traps that lead our kids to hate homeschooling. This is a fun and practical guide to ditching overwhelm and frustration and creating a successful homeschool experience. Ana shows you exactly how to avoid and correct common mistakes homeschooling moms make unknowingly.

The Prophetic Office of Parents

Charlotte Mason believes it’s our duty to reveal God to our little ones, a duty that cannot be ignored.  In The Prophetic Office of Parents, Ana explores our Biblical calling as parents and offers practical guidance on how to train our kids in God’s ways. Let’s rediscover our role as parents and fulfill our divine calling by joining together for this life-changing workshop. 

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