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Here you will find my favorite homeschool curricula, downloadable resources, online courses, conferences, podcasts, and books. All you need to homeschool with confidence.

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“How do we homeschool and get everything done?”

Homeschooling, cooking meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry, putting clothes away… and homeschooling day in and day out is exhausting!! This masterclass is your saving grace when it comes to time management while homeschooling and even working from home. But there is hope! Let Ana show you her magic formula and systems to run it all on autopilot!

Favorite Homeschool Curricula

For Language arts

Training teachers, parents, and students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers. Try it for free!

For math

CTCMath will teach your child to understand math. Your Child’s Online Math Curriculum for children in grades K-12. Start getting better grades now!

For Biblical Worldview History

An award-winning world history curriculum—written from a biblical worldview—to guide students through a meaningful, engaging, and historically accurate journey.

For Creation-Based Science

Developed by leading scholars, Apologia provides creation-based, K-12 homeschool curriculum that equips and empowers you to help your students reach their academic goals and nurture their love of God.

For A FULL Charlotte Mason Curriculum

This curriculum is deeply rooted in the living ideas found in books, beauty, and Biblical truth. It is gentle to both mom and child while providing a firm academic foundation.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum to Help You Follow God’s Method of Education. Give Your Children a Well-Rounded Education, Prepare Them for Life, and Position Them to Lead Their Families In the Next Generation. 

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

Favorite Nature Studies Curricula

For nature study

A complete, Charlotte Mason-inspired year-long curriculum designed to guide you, step by step, through an entire calendar year of nature study. We’ve been using it for years!

Charlotte Mason-inspired ideas and resources to inspire a love for learning in your home. Cindy’s No Sweat Nature Study membership is a favorite in our house!

Favorite Enrichment Subjects Curricula

For Music

Click-and-go, super easy-to-use online music appreciation courses for all ages, so every homeschool mom can include music!

For art

Helping homeschool parents instill a love of art, beauty, & creativity in their kids – even in the midst of their crazy, busy life.

For CM morning time plans

Done-for-you plans, printables, and/or links that are true to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and will greatly simplify your morning time.

For Minimalist cm homeschool

A minimalist curriculum that integrates living books, Bible, History, Geography, Literature, Enrichment, Nature Study, Picture Study, Composers, and Narration for a rich Charlotte Mason-inspired education.


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Favorite Faith & Character Building Tools

Not Consumed

Helping families GROW in faith by creating Bible studies, devotional tools, and homeschool resources you can trust!

For character Training

Helping parents train children in an excellent character. Master character essentials, internalize God’s Word and equip them to thrive.

Beautiful theologically rich & accessible resources that equip disciples to know and love God and His Word. Get $5 off your first purchase with my referral link.

Favorite Podcasts For Homeschool Moms


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Favorite Foreign Language Courses

For Hebrew

Learn the language, understand the culture, and grow your faith with this unique Hebrew course for believers taught by me,
Ana Willis! This course is designed and affordably priced for the whole family with lifetime access. Read, write, and speak basic Hebrew in only 4-10 weeks. Join our online self-paced courses now!

For Spanish

Charlotte Mason-inspired products teach via person-to-person interaction (not person-to-screen) just like when we learn our native language naturally as children. Developed for homeschool language educators, simple concepts and words are introduced as pictures. Designed specifically for audial, visual, and tactile learning styles.

Start Speaking TODAY in Just 7 Minutes! Get the FREE Starter Pack now. You will hear your kids speaking and understanding a foreign language in minutes. Includes Native Speaker Audio & Printables! Get $20 off on the first box and book: AnaW20 and $5 off just the Phrasebook: AnaW5.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

More Favorite Homeschool Tools

For living books

Making great quality reprints of living books affordable for everyone in a variety of formats. Favorite living books for Charlotte Mason homeschool families!


Notebooking is the most simple, engaging, and effective way to create lifelong learners without fancy, complicated curriculum or dry, stuffy textbooks.

A unit study works by capturing a child’s attention and helping them understand the pieces of the whole as they fit together. Our goal is to help children become self-motivated learners, eager to explore God’s creation.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

Favorite Courses & Hebrew Studies

homeschool like a boss with

The Homeschool Sisterhood

The year-round support and guidance you need to succeed in your homeschool journey.

The Homeschool Sisterhood is a Christ-centered and Charlotte Mason-inspired year-round online co-op and support group that offers weekly mentorship for homeschool moms, book clubs, classes for kids and teens, and other amazing resources.


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