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Ana Willis

Hi! I’m Ana Willis, a veteran homeschool mom to three and a homeschool mentor to thousands of moms who want to turn their stressful homeschools into restful homeschools.

I am launching a brand new membership program that will take you from stressed to blessed, from confused to confident, and from overwhelmed to rested.

This is my promise to you!

This membership is for moms who want to ditch busy, find clarity, and homeschool with confidence, peace, and joy

Every month we will focus on a specific topic and you will have access to:

  • Habit Training Focus
  • Masterclasses
  • Homeschool experts interviews
  • Book clubs for kids and for moms
  • Curricula & book author’s Q&As
  • Family workshops in a variety of subjects from writing to arts, cooking, foreign languages, etc.

All strategically scheduled to help you follow a homeschool success path.

You will also have access to special discounts for all future resources and events..

The Homeschool Sisterhood will give you the content, the community, and the accountability you need to homeschool successfully from a place of rest and confidence.

All outside social media, so you can redeem your precious time and invest in the most important people in your life – your family.

My heart’s desire is to see moms wasting less time on social media and spending more time in what really matters in their lives.

We want to equip them for that and we aim to not require more than an hour a week in the membership site.

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