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3 BIG Problems Most Homeschool Moms Face

Lack of Clarity

“Where do I start? What is the best curriculum for my child? How many subjects should I teach daily? How do I homeschool with multiple children?”

Lack of Confidence

“Help! I don’t feel equipped to teach my child. Am I doing enough? Will my child get a thorough education? What if my child can’t read or spell by a certain age?”

Lack of Support

I live in a small town and don’t have any friends who homeschool. My in-laws think I will ruin my child’s education. I feel so lonely in my homeschool journey!”

These easily make us overwhelmed and rob us of the joy of being home teaching our children!

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If you're feeling overwhelmed, lost the joy to homeschool, or you're not sure if you're doing enough,
I am ready to help you and guide you step-by-step!

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Design your 2023 Homeschool Fresh Start Plan with a solid vision & clear goals YOU CAN actually accomplish! In this masterclass, you will learn the 5 Rs of a successful Homeschool Fresh Start Plan. You will leave this masterclass refreshed, inspired, and with a clear plan in hand to follow!

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“How does anyone homeschool and still get anything else done?”

This masterclass is your saving grace, my friend! Let me show you my magic formula and systems to run it all on autopilot even if you’re working from home. There is hope! Ready to start?

Your Homeschool Success Story Starts Now


Get the clarity you need

Take My 5-Day Challenge

It’s time to clear the confusion and put things in the right order! You’ll love this challenge! We’ll cover all areas related to homeschooling: vision, goals, routine, curriculum, character training, time management, and so much more!

This is a fix-it-all-the-mistakes-you-made, fill-in-the-gaps-you-missed, and put-it-all-into-perfect-place step-by-step homeschool roadmap on steroids! 

Time to get the clarity you need. This challenge will transform your homeschool in only 5 days or less!


get the personalize guidance you need

Let's Do This Together

Have a unique learner or unique struggle you need help with? Need a clear roadmap to follow and help implement new steps? I am here to guide you – step-by-step!

Together, we’ll craft the perfect homeschool plan for your family, and help you stay consistent, so you can thrive and homeschool your child with confidence!


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Join The Sisterhood

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a lonely, confusing, or overwhelming experience! 

The Homeschool Sisterhood is a Christ-centered online community that gives you a clear step-by-step homeschool success path plus the mentorship you need, online classes for your kids, book clubs, and much more!

Join our amazing community of like-minded Christian families growing in faith and thriving in homeschooling together!

Kind Words From our members

"I have been a part of the Sisterhood from the beginning. What I love most about it, is Ana’s heart for this ministry... Ana has the heart of a pastor. She is not just trying to encourage and equip us in our homeschools, but she overflows with love for us... As a pastor’s wife, I am being encouraged to grow by watching her love for our flock of sisters." - Elizabeth.

Oh, friend! I'm so glad you're here.


Raise life-long learners who love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, and love their neighbors as themselves.

Ana Willis at They Call me Blessed & The Homeschool Sisterhood

Meet Ana Willis, Your Homeschool Mentor

Hi, I’m Ana Willis! I’m a wife, a homeschool mom of 3, the voice behind They Call Me Blessed, and a co-owner of CharlotteMasonInspired.com.

I’m also a women’s pastor and Bible and Hebrew teacher with a double Bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Jewish Studies from Israel College of the Bible in Jerusalem. 

My goal is to help homeschool moms (just like you!) find joy and fulfillment in their homeschool calling. 

I’ve helped thousands of homeschool moms fix their homeschool. And I want to help you, too!

With my guidance and my proven homeschool success plan, you’ll gain the clarity, and confidence you need, and start thriving in homeschooling, right away!


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5-Day Challenge

Let’s clear up the confusion and put all areas of your homeschool in the right order, super quick! Just follow the map at your own pace.

1:1 Coaching

I know each family and situation are unique. Let’s custom-make your child’s education plan together! I’ll guide you step-by-step.

The Sisterhood

Don’t homeschool alone! Join The Sisterhood for weekly mentorship, online co-op classes & support! Get all the maps and guides you need!

From online friends to real life sisters

Here is us, meeting up with our homeschool sisters and their kids in Arizona! We love doing real-life in-person together, too!

homeschool with US

Join The Homeschool Sisterhood Today!

Join our awesome community of Christian homeschool families for consistent support and mentorship, for you!

And watch your kids become lifelong learners in our Charlotte Mason-inspired online co-op and classes. Kids from pre-k to high-school years are thriving learning together and making real friends for life! Your child will love it!

Kind Words From our Happy members

"Ana is a woman who pours herself out for others! I have been really encouraged by being a part of Ana's community as a homeschool mom and woman growing in my walk in the Lord." - Rachael.

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