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Theme: Endorsement


Subject option 1: A hot-button topic that has a cool solution!

Subject: option 2: THIS needed to be aired out like dirty laundry!


Hi there {name},


Today, I want to talk to you about something that I don’t often bring up, but it really needs to be aired out and discussed.

As a blogger who strives to make a difference and create an intentional life while working from home, what I’m going to share with you today is a hot-button topic in the blogging world these days…

Growing a BLOG.

I see it so often… a new blogger, all fresh and bushy-tailed, excitedly launches a blog and then, 3 months down the line, is jaded, burnt out and ready to quit because well, no one other than her mom is reading {and critiquing!!} what she writes.

Growing a blog is a touchy subject because well, there are experts and experts out there who tell you a million and a half strategies to grow your audience, but the fact is all those strategies are either way too time-consuming {think, guest blogging!} or way too expensive {advertising, anyone?!}.

When you’re starting out and looking to grow your blog, you need something that works fast, works effectively and doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Today I have for you EXACTLY that.

An intentional, actionable and pretty much no-fail way of growing your blog, or rather skyrocketing its presence…

It’s called the Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse [ADD AFFILIATE URL]  by Ana Willis.

Ana is a dear friend, a very successful blogger and someone who’s actually walked the talk by putting her brand-new blog on traffic steroids with a party.

She reached her first 25,000 page views in just under 3 months. Imagine that!

She started monetizing her blog and earning an income from it from the second month on.

Can you picture what seeing money come into your PayPal account would feel like for you? How would it bless your home and your family?

Imagine the joy you’d experience at knowing that you’re sharing your message, living your mission and being true to who you are while contributing to your family’s income.

Ana did just that. As a pastor and a homeschooling mom, she wanted to share her mission with the world of other mothers.

Now, she’s taken her expertise in organizing amazingly successful blog parties and is generously and graciously sharing it ALL with you.

That’s right.

The Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse includes 4 videos and a workbook and ALL the templates, spreadsheets, and graphics that you’ll need for your very first party.

Not only that, Ana will help you identify your blogging niche, boost your SEO, and arm you with unbelievably powerful strategies for pitching sponsors, inviting bloggers and encouraging your blog party contributors!

It’s the blog growth magic pill I wish I had when I was starting out.

So, if you’ve been thinking of starting a blog but are worried that it wouldn’t ever take off, or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while but are staring at dismal traffic numbers, month after month … I encourage you to click here [ADD AFFILIATE URL] and bid your traffic woes goodbye, once and for all.


[Insert sign off]


P.S. Ana has an incredible VIP package as well where she’s giving you a 30 minutes 1:1 session with her so you can organize your first blog party without batting a sleep-deprived eyelid! Click through to check it all out here.  [ADD AFFILIATE URL]


Theme: Encouragement


Subject Option 1:  Tell me if you’ve ever done this…

Subject: Option 2: You aren’t alone… there are over 2 million of you out there


Hi there {name}


Blogger-to-blogger, let me ask you this…

Have you ever looked at your Google Analytics and wondered if you’ll ever have more than a few hundred visitors to your blog?

Have you looked at the posts in FB groups that talk about reaching 50,000 views in 3 months or 100,000 views in 6 months and wondered if those bloggers were either lying or working non-stop on their blogs?

Have you considered quitting blogging altogether because it is just so hard? It’s like climbing Mount Everest, only to discover another mountain behind it?

If you’ve nodded your head as a ‘yes’ to any of these questions, here’s what I want you to know…

You aren’t alone.

That’s right.

According to Worldometers, there are roughly 2.16 million posts published every day {and since this is a live count, that number would have gone up since I last checked!}… So, my friend, you really aren’t alone, you see.

There are over 2 million blogs out there, competing for attention, eyeballs, sponsors and more.

How can you stand out while sharing your mission and message with the world?

How can you grow your presence in a way that is intentional and authentic to who you are?

How can you do all of this and not be glued to your laptop or burn up your budget?

Here’s how…

With a well-designed and organized blog party!

Whoa! I can hear you go “a party??”

Yes, yes, my dear friend, I’m telling you to party but not the kind where you end up running after the kids or washing a sink filled with dishes, but one where you end up with a flood of traffic and subscribers and a more than real chance of finally getting sponsors and money in the bank.

I’m talking about THAT party.

My friend and expert blog party host, Ana Willis, is generously sharing her insider tips and hidden secrets on organizing a blog party that seriously powers up your traffic without giving you a tech headache or a big hole in the wallet.

You see, blogging can be a lot of fun until we try to make an income from it. Then, it can quickly spiral into being overwhelming. You write and you write, and you write some more but you aren’t sure if anyone is reading it at all.

Not only that, you want to earn an income from your blog so you can contribute to the family, ease your husband’s burden and feel more fulfilled about living your life’s purpose while sharing your message.

Grow Your Blog Partying [ADD AFFILIATE URL] is an eCourse that lays out the exact strategies that Ana, herself, has used to not only share her message while earning an income but also 10xed her blog growth in less than 30 days.

Did I just hear your jaw hit the floor?

I’m serious. Ana is seriously gifted when it comes to skyrocketing blog traffic on a bootstrapped budget with nothing else but great content and a carefully planned party.

Unreal, no?

Click through right here to join Grow Your Blog Partying [ADD AFFILIATE URL] and get ready to sit back and welcome guests AKA readers, like never before!!

Don’t forget to invite me when you host your first party!


[Insert sign off]


P.S. Ana has an incredible VIP package as well where she’s giving you a 30 minutes 1:1 sessions with her so you can organize your first blog party in the most fabulously fun way! Click through to check it all out here.  [ADD AFFILIATE URL]


These could be used in your blog’s newsletters as well!


Stuck with a blog whose traffic hasn’t moved past the tens and the hundreds?

Frustrated by the lack of income your blog is generating?

Envious of those who seem to be speeding along the blogging journey while you sit here wondering what is it that you’re missing out on?

HERE is that missing piece of the puzzle… A blog growth strategy that not only gives you thousands of visitors BUT also puts money in your pocket. That’s right.

Grow Your Blog Partying is an eCourse gives you powerful strategies for taking charge of your blog’s growth like nothing else. It arms you with vital insights and hands-on tips so you can take that nose-diving traffic and give it the boost it desperately needs. [ADD AFFILIATE URL]


How would you feel if every month your blog traffic doubled itself without you forking out hundreds of dollars in advertising, trying spammy techniques or wasting hours commenting and guest posting?

I think you’ll feel very, very good, indeed.

That is why I want you to hop on over and get your pretty paws on Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse by Ana Willis.

Ana blew my mind when she shared that she 10xed her blog growth in 30 days.

She, then, proceeded to completely smash my doubts and questions when she shared that she’d reached 25,000 pageviews in less than 3 months.

To give you perspective, it takes most bloggers 6 months to a year to reach that number.

But she wasn’t done yet… she continued to leave me mouth-hanging-wide-open when she shared that she monetized her blog from month #3 and has since then, continued earning an income that increases month on month.

Say what now?!!!

So, if I were you, I’d stop reading this right now and instead click here right away.  [ADD AFFILIATE URL]

You’re most welcome!


2.16 million blog posts published every day… how can YOU get people to read yours?

Answer: A blog party.

I’m not kidding. In fact, I’m dead serious.

But don’t believe me!

Take it from Ana Willis who increased her traffic by 7 times in 30 days without spending a fortune or losing her mind to tech gremlins!



So… what can you do in 5 minutes?

  1. Scroll mindlessly through FB.
  2. Change baby’s diaper blowout while trying to not breathe at all.
  3. Call a friend to discuss the latest on Trump x Hillary.
  4. Wonder what to cook for dinner and head to Pinterest only to lose yourself there for the next 60 minutes.
  5. Increase your blog’s traffic 5x, 7x, or even, 10x!!

Yes, you can either spend the next 5 minutes doing any of the first 4 things OR do the smart thing and click through to get your copy of Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse and supercharge that stagnating traffic so you can finally start seeing readers other than your mom and best friend and more importantly, make the money you promised yourself you would!



What if I told you that you could 10x your blog growth in 30 days or less?

What if I told you that you could do it without spending dollars on advertising, hiring a PR team or spending all your waking hours glued to the laptop?

What if I told you that you could do this while having tons of fun, connecting with loads of like-minded bloggers and growing a community that loves you so much it’s unreal?

Excited? I’m sure you are! I was jumping up and down like a two-year-old on a sugar high when my friend Ana of @TheyCallMeBlessedBlog shared her Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse with me. It’s so good, it should be locked up and safeguarded… LOL!

Click here to check it out and see for yourself how you can get all of what I just described in one easy step! [ADD AFFILIATE URL]


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