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Equipping and encouraging homeschool parents to follow their calling to home-educate their children through a Biblical living education by providing online conferences and resources while connecting you to like-minded parents and today’s leaders in the Charlotte Mason community.

Meet The Founders & Co-Hosts of the Charlotte Mason Inspired.

Tatiana RiveraΒ is a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool mom, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, web & graphic designer, bibliophile and compulsive organizer. Tatiana has graduated four of her six homeschool children using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. She lives in California and coordinates a Charlotte Mason inspired co-op for 30+ families.

Ana WillisΒ is a homeschool mom of 3 turned into homeschool blogger and speaker. She is a women’s pastor and passionate Bible and Hebrew teacher. Ana is the founder of The Homeschool Sisterhood, a Charlotte Mason inspired membership for homeschool moms who want to experience a restful, Christ-centered and living education.

Enjoy Today's Gift!

10 Foundational Charlotte Mason Workshops + Bonus

Giving your children a Biblical living education is easier than you think.

We know the struggles of homeschooling are real! We want our children to engage and love learning, don’t we? Let us introduce you to the foundations of a Charlotte Mason philosophy of education!

She believed the knowledge of God to be the most important knowledge a child would acquire and that the Holy Spirit is the supreme educator of mankind.

A Charlotte Mason education includes first-hand exposure to great and noble ideas through books in each school subject, and through art, music, and poetry.

What workshops are included in this bundle:

  • Amy Fischer: Before Curriculum: Using Charlotte Mason’s Educational Tools in your Home
  • Ana Willis: WWCD? A Charlotte Mason Education in the 21st Century
  • Art Middlekauff: The Perfect Charlotte Mason Education
  • Dollie Freeman: Self-Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way Workshop
  • Jennifer Dowdy: Charlotte Mason in the Early Years
  • Karen Glass: Cultivating a Home Cultureβ€”Education is an Atmosphere
  • Leah Martin: Consistency in Character Training
  • Nicole Williams: A Short Synopsis of CM’s Philosophy (a.k.a The 20 Principles)
  • Rachel Lebowitz: Charlotte Mason Your Way
  • Tatiana Rivera: How to Do β€œAll-The-Things” the Charlotte Mason Way
  • BONUS – Lara Molettiere: Morning Time 101

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