Hebrew for Homeschoolers
Practice your beginners Hebrew while having fun learning songs and prayers for 6 weeks!
Hebrew for Homeschoolers Songs & Prayers

Learn Hebrew Through Songs & Prayers is a 6 weeks course where we will be practicing our Hebrew reading and speaking skills as we learn traditional Hebrew prayers like the Shema and The Lord’s Prayer, besides lots of great Hebrew worship songs.

Through this course, we will deepen our knowledge of the Hebrew language, the Bible, and grow in our faith while preventing Hebrew summer slide and preparing for Hebrew for Homeschoolers: Beginners Level 2.

Please note that this course it is only for those who have completed the Beginners Level 1 course and can already read in Hebrew.

Here is what parents are saying about Hebrew for Homeschoolers:

I have always wanted to learn Hebrew so I could teach it to my children, but it seemed like such a daunting task. Ana has made learning Hebrew not only an attainable goal, but she does it in an engaging and fun environment! She breaks it down in a way that’s easy to remember and gives you all the tools you need to learn right alongside your kiddoes! I’m so glad we found Hebrew for Homeschoolers!!
Our family really enjoyed Hebrew for Homeschoolers. The fact that Ana brings LIVE classes to your home combined with her natural teaching ability made learning the foundations of the Hebrew language so easy. Whether you have a little Hebrew under your belt (like us) or none at all, Ana shows you how to take what you learn and put it into immediate use by also teaching greetings, songs, and common things spoke in everyday conversations. Not to mention, if you can't tune in live, the replays are available immediately to watch at your convenience! If you are looking for a foreign language to study for personal or extracurricular use, I highly recommend Hebrew for Homeschoolers with Ana!
My two daughters and I have been enjoying the classes. I am really learning a lot about Jewish Culture, which, I believe, is important. My girls really like the songs that Mrs. Willis teaches. Ana is a very beautiful lady; even when she was recovering from her toothache, she was bubbly and enthusiastic. Her passion for Hebrew is evident, which makes her the perfect choice for a teacher. We are looking forward to the next class! Thank you so much, Ana.
Tamara Williams-Smith
homeschool mama

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