Hebrew for Homeschoolers 4-Week Intensive for Beginners


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I am so excited that you want to learn more about my Hebrew for Homeschoolers: 4-Week Intensive for Beginners online live class!

Here is what Hebrew for Homeschoolers 4-Week Intensive for Beginners will teach you:
– The Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
– Numbers
– Colors
– Shapes
– Greetings
– Basic vocabulary
– Biblical vocabulary
– Hebrew songs


We are not homeschoolers, can we also take this course?

Absolutely!!! Although is called Hebrew for Homeschoolers, it is truly Hebrew for everyone! 😉

How much does Hebrew for Homeschoolers course cost?

This course is only $67 for this intensive 4-week course. Lessons are once a week for an hour and a half to two hours. That’s less than $17/class! I will provide the material you will need for the classes and I will suggest some resources to complement your kids’ learning.

Is this price per child?

Nope! This price is for the whole family so you can all enjoy learning together and practice with each other.

What ages is Hebrew for Homeschoolers course geared for?

All ages!! From 1 to 100.

When will our course start? And How long will the lessons be?

You can start anytime! Classes are self-paced and last 90-120 minutes.

And just in case you are asking, why do I qualify to teach your kids Hebrew…

  • I have a degree in Theology and another double major in Biblical and Jewish Studies from Israel College of the Bible.
  • I studied Hebrew at the Hebrew University and lived in Israel for 5 years.
  • I’ve been teaching Hebrew for Beginners classes for at least 12 years and I am absolutely passionate about this language knowing that Yeshua (Jesus), Our Lord spoke it along with Aramaic on a daily basis.

I am excited for you to join us! I believe you and your kids will love to learn Hebrew together! And this knowledge can open huge doors for your future in a way that only God knows, but I believe it will!

Start reading, writing, and speaking Hebrew in only 4 weeks! Enroll now!


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