CTC Math changed our homeschool literally. What a relief! I am so glad we decided to switch our Math curriculum, almost at the end of the year. We did the switch and it was so worthy!

I just couldn’t handle the stress and daily meltdowns anymore. My kids were hating their math curriculum and refused to carry on with the lessons. We only completed 10 out of 30 lessons in the old math books. Sadly, we paid a lot of money for that one and most of it went down the drain.

Luckily, CTC Math came to our lives and changed our homeschool – completely!

CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool

It is not a surprise that Math is one of the subjects kids struggle with the most. The concepts are built on each other and if you can’t understand one then the whole thing just becomes confusing from beginning to end. Unless you have a really good teacher who will take the time to explain it to you until you really get it, your math frustration will grow like a snowball.

How CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool?

#1: Where there were meltdowns now there is excitement!

How much my kids love CTC Math? They asked to do it first thing in the morning! “Can I do my CTC math first, mom?” my daughter frequently asks me. What else could I ask for? This program is fantastic in every way. It is a complete curriculum, easy to understand and my kids love doing it!

You can read more about how my kids got excited about math right away after making the switch to CTC Math here.

CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool - Free Trial

#2: Less stress equals more learning.

I was not kidding or exaggerating when I said to you that we went from total meltdowns to total excitement about doing Math. Taking all that stress of our homeschool days was a game changer! Moms, you know how it feels like when the moaning and complaining start – it never ends! It drains you. Sucks the joy out of you and you just want to call the yellow bus, right?

Because we are not spending time dealing with all the meltdowns we use to, our homeschool is now relaxed, fun and so much more productive. What a difference! Without all the stress, my kids can focus and learn much more.

#3 – My kids have become independent learners.

CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool

As I am writing this blog post, my 8-year-old son is doing his math lesson on the iPad completely independently. He has completed one full lesson: video and a set of questions, and he just started his second lesson. That’s right! He is doing 2 math lessons today and on his own – HALLELUYAH!

While my 6-year-old and my 8-year-old do their Math, I have time to spend time with my 4-year-old who is just beginning to read and count. Oh, and my 4-year-old also does CTC Math kindergarten! She loves it and is doing very well.

#4 – My kids are quickly answering their Math problems without having to use any blocks or manipulatives.

It is very impressive how CTC Math does not teach your kids to be stuck with only one way of solving a math problem. By watching my kids’ video lessons I saw how Pat Murray taught them 2 or 3 different ways they can get to the right answer. 

Before we switched our math, my kids felt the need to use an abacus or their Math-U-See blocks to be able to solve an addition or subtraction. These days are no more and they are quickly solving math problems in their heads!

CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool

#5: I don’t need to keep track of lessons and grades anymore!

CTC Math is not only brilliant for the kids, but it is also brilliant for the parents as well. As a homeschool mother who had to constantly prepare lessons, keep track of school days, apply tests and grade test without forgetting to keep track of the grades, now CTC Math does it all for me and I have more time to invest in the most important part of homeschooling: teaching and growing my relationships with my children!

All I need is on my fingertip as I log in as a parent. The parents dashboard will give you access to when your children log in and when they log out, how long they spent doing their lessons, what their grades are, how many rewards they have received, how did they do in their diagnostic tests, how far are they from finishing their school year and so much more!

I am so happy with our new Math curriculum. It is such a relief to know that my kids are loving learning Math, we have no more math meltdowns and our homeschool days are so much more joyful and productive!

Try CTC Math Free!

If your math curriculum is not working for your family, I highly encourage you to try CTC Math FREE for 2 weeks! You have nothing to lose and I can guarantee you will be very impressed with their curriculum and how easy is for your children to learn math using CTC Math online!

Also, CTC Math gives homeschoolers a humongous 60%OFF discount. CTC Math’s subscription is for all your children, not just one! So take advantage of this amazing discount click on the banner below.

CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool

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