Amy Vickrey

Amy Vickrey is an active team member and facebook Admin for SPED Homeschool, and a teacher and academic advisor for True North Homeschool Academy.  She holds a Masters of Science in Education from the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg.  Amy has been blessed with a seven-year-old who is on the high functioning side of the Autism Spectrum, and a very active, very smart two-year-old.  She is a homeschooling mom who works part time from home, teaching Math Games, Reading and Phonics through Spelling and ASL for True North Homeschool Academy.  She also offers Special Needs Academic Advising for True North Homeschool ACademy, and consulting for special needs parents for SPED Homeschool.  She is looking forward to teaching a class on executive functioning skills to parents and students called Creating Priorities, starting in the Spring semester.   Amy says, “God has blessed me most in the darkest hours of my life.”