• 7 Ways Sleep Affects Your Kids’ Learning

    7 Ways Sleep Affects Your Kids’ Learning

    One of my favorite benefits of homeschooling is that my kids get as much sleep as they need every day and so do I. When your kids don’t get enough sleep, they have a harder time learning new things. They may get lower grades in their studies, struggle with harder subjects, show poorer performance during […]


  • How To Transition Into Homeschooling Kindergarten

    How to Transition Pre-k to Kindergarten Homeschooling

    The transition from Pre-K to homeschooling Kindergarten is one of the biggest ones we have experienced in our homeschool scholastic career. It’s easy to stress out thinking about all the different things they will have to learn as they move from Pre-K up to Kindergarten. Those little sponge brains are so ready to be filled […]