Homeschool perfection

Dear exhausted mom striving for homeschool perfection.

I have great news for you! News that you will find liberating!


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Here! I said it! It took me a long time to find this out, but I did! On my last drop of hope, I finally got it and gave up on homeschool perfection!

I gave up on having the perfect homeschool room as well, that never gets used and of buying curriculum other moms brag about that don’t work for my children and are not a perfect fit for us!

In fact, I  had an epiphany and gave up perfection all together! Perfection according to others, books, and magazines. Perfection that brings comparison. It’s what makes me constantly dissatisfied, constantly upset because things did not go according to my big unrealistic plans I copy from somebody else! Yes, this kind of perfection sucks and I’m will not continue to be a perfectionist.

I’m not striving for perfection anymore! I’ll strive for joy, peace, and memories in our homeschool instead, doing what works for us, at our own pace, within our own natural abilities. No pressure, no hurries, no comparisons.

Don’t let the “homeschool perfection” you see in pictures on social media of “perfect homeschool moms” doing the “perfect activities” with their “perfect kids” fool you!

That is simply not true! We all have our imperfect days – ALL OF US! And they happen more often around here I can guarantee you that. A picture is NOT worth a thousand words. For instance, we had Poetry Teatime today and before I tell you the whole story, take a look at my Instagram post. 😉

Now, close your eyes and imagine having that perfect homeschooling day where everyone is loving it and have a big smile on their faces? What was it like? What were you doing? How were you learning? You are on this homeschool journey with your heart and your soul because you love your children and you want the best for them!

I'll tell you this, my kids still think the best thing for them is when mommy is fully present, cuddling on the sofa (even if some of them are upside down on the sofa), reading them stories and talking about it afterward. We have the best conversations after reading books together and draw many lessons from it.

So, ditch perfection all together and trade it for your full presence being simply yourself!

Maybe we just need to simplify our great ideals of a perfect homeschool and focus on seeing beauty in the ordinary moments of our days instead.

After all, our children are learning and growing beautifully as we simply love on them. And you are making memories together - and that, dear homeschool mom - it's just PERFECT!

And with all these things, love, which is the bond of perfection. Colossians 3:14.

Your turn: How does this post speak to you? What can you let go in order to find perfect peace and joy in your homeschool and life?

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