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Teach Your Teens Practical Things of Life and Economy!

This book is fantastic! I (Ana) have been using it with my high schooler and learning so much alongside him! This is a book to help prepare our teens for real life, filled with Biblical wisdom. This book covers so many important topics!

Features of this course:

  • – Human Motivation: What Makes the World Run?
  • – The Laws of Supply and Demand
  • – Wealth Inequality: Why Some Nations are Rich and Others are Poor
  • – Thorns and Thistles: The Reality of Sin, the Effects of Sin, and God’s Judgment in the World
  • – Economic Theories: Biblical Economics and the Economic Systems of Mankind
  • – Getting Your Job: Work in the Economy
  • – Banking and Your Money: How the World Robs, Cheats, and Steals
  • – Investing Wisely: Don’t Bury Your Talents in the Ground!
  • – Seeking Good Government: How Governments Ruin Economies
  • – Succeeding at Your Work: How to Be Successful in Business
  • – Spending Your Money: Making Wise Purchasing Choices
  • – Running a Business: How Companies Operate
  • – Identifying Your Calling in Life

You need to know how the world runs and your part in it.

Here is a book that weaves a seamless thread through macro and microeconomics, written for a high school audience.

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