Have you heard of Piano Wizard before?

My husband is a gifted and anointed worship leader with an incredible voice! I am not so musically talented. I can’t sing at all but I do play a bit the piano, though, and I love to dance.

As a family, we love music in our home and learning music here is fun! My daughters love to sing and dance! They even sing as they talk to each other! No, really?

My life is a musical sometimes! LOL Music is very especial! Music has the power to fill the ambient and bring back memories from good times. As a family, we have a lot of special times together singing and dancing while daddy plays the guitar and mom try to do her best on the piano.

Make Your Homeschool Piano Lessons Fun with Piano Wizard - A Piano Wizard Honest Review

Ryan and I want our kids to love music and to learn to play musical instruments, so we have been gently encouraging them to do so. Our 6-year-old daughter loves to play the piano and she was taking piano lessons for a year, but it cost us quite a bit every month, and we couldn’t afford to pay for all three children.

Thankfully, last year I came across an incredible music learning game system through Sonlight Curriculum. I immediately felt in love with it. After watching a few YouTube videos about it, I saved it on my Sonlight’s wishlist.

This video especially captivated my heart. Check out how music learning has changed this boy, who had severe learning disabilities and look at how much he was able to overcome his disabilities by using this program.

If this program could do this for Jed, imagine what it could do for our children?

I remember the day I shared this video with my husband and all the cool aspects of using Piano Wizard Academy with our kids. We talked about how much money we could save by buying it so they whole family could use it instead of continuing to pay for individual private piano lessons, even though we loved our daughter’s piano teacher, we couldn’t carry on paying for it!

This program was a great investment for a family and it was an excellent gift for Christmas. 🙂 When I placed the order for it, I felt like it was Christmas already!! I was so beyond excited to try it out with my kids and couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

The day our Piano Wizard arrived was a huge celebration here! We got the whole family involved in setting it up, read the instructions, watch the first DVD and voilá! We loved it! Now everyone is learning music around here. Homeschool Music Lessons With Piano Wizard Academy are so much fun!

What captivated me so quickly was how fast it worked for my children, even for my son who has never taken a piano lesson before, and how much fun we all had using it. This program is not just a video game; kids get to go and play on the real piano after they learn the songs on the computer! They read real sheets of music and learn music theory. It is a complete program equivalent to two years of private piano lessons.

There are so many reasons why we chose Piano Wizard Academy for our family.

• Simple Is Genius. Piano Wizard is “real” music learning in a fun family friendly video game method. What kid doesn’t like video games?
• It creates a unique bonding with your children and between siblings when we play together. We love to have fun together!
• It’s great for the brain. Studies have proven over and over again that music helps increase grades in math and science, and better SAT scores, concentration, discipline, and much more. Who doesn’t want a smarter kid?
• Economical. Piano Wizard can save you thousands over traditional lessons with its built-in two years children’s level curriculum. That means everybody learns, and you save money!

Unlock your child's brilliance with music

Do you want to see how fun this is?

Here is a quick video I made this week of my kids while they were taking turns doing Piano Wizard!


We totally recommend this!!

Take a look at this chart to see how Piano Wizard works.

Make Your Homeschool Piano Lessons Fun with Piano Wizard - A Piano Wizard Honest Review - Piano Wizard 4 steps to learning music

I know you’re going to love it. 🙂

YOUR TURN: Do you have a musical family? How are your children learning music in your home?

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