Is restful homeschooling even possible?

For most moms, homeschooling can become stressful, exhausting, and overwhelming. The enemy of our souls can entrap us in busyness instead of fruitfulness, turning our homeschool into a burden instead of a blessing.

Restful homeschooling is possible and it starts with a mother’s heart at rest.

3 Quick Tips For A Restful Homeschooling Year + Giveaway!

1 – Know That Restful Homeschooling is God’s Desire For Us.

Homeschooling shouldn’t be stressful.

Yes, homeschooling is a huge responsibility,  and let’s just say it isn’t easy all the time, but it’s also a divine calling. One that will fulfill us more than any career would. We are raising a holy generation, we are preparing our children for eternity, and making them true disciples of Christ.

Don’t let Satan fool you and trap you into busyness. God did not call us for busy work!

God’s plans for us are good and lead us to peace and joy. He has called us to disciple our children and to teach them to walk in His Ways. We won’t regret doing His will ever.

When we understanding our calling to homeschool and trust God fully to lead us daily, we find rest. We can rest trusting that God has already equipped us for the task and will continue to do so as our children grow.

2 – Restful Homeschooling is Not About Your Will, But His.

When we first began homeschooling, I had no idea how much work and dedication it had involved. I didn’t know how much God was going to work on my own character through homeschooling. Homeschooling is heart work. It requires a mother to die to self in many ways to be able to take up the plunge daily and disciple her children.

I confess I thought about how much easier it would be to just send my children to school, but for what profit? My own? “Not my will, Lord, but Yours!”

Homeschooling requires sacrifices. For me, I choose the ways of the Lord for my children. I choose to die to my selfish desires so I can be led by the Spirit and not by my own flesh. I know the sacrifice of homeschooling is worthy.

When you lay down your will before the Lord, He gives you the rest and clarity you need to accomplish His will for you and your family.

3 – Restful Homeschooling It’s Holy Spirit Led.

Only the Holy Spirit can guide and lead us to do the will of the Father. And our Father in Heaven, who has called us to homeschool our children, is the only One who can truly equip and enable us to do so.

The strength we need is given to us on our knees. “Give us today our daily bread.” As homeschool moms, we must pray every morning waiting for the Holy Spirit to give us the portion of strength, wisdom, and discernment we need to teach our children.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead our homeschool, He turns chaos into order, worries into peace, and exhaustion into joy. The stress is lifted off and His love takes over.

We will find true rest in our homeschool when:

  • We see homeschooling as a calling and not a burden. Then our work in The Lord is fruitful, not just busy.
  • We understand that His will for our children is better than ours.
  • It’s Holy Spirit lead on a daily basis.

Is homeschooling making you weary and overwhelmed? God can give you rest!

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