I am beyond excited to introduce you to this ultimate mom blogger! Amy Milcic is the caffeinated happy face and awesome voice behind Rock Your Homeschool Blog. Amy and I have been friends for over a year and I can’t tell you how much she has blessed me in my homeschool life and my blogging journey. You will LOVE all you will learn from this gal who rocks everything she is doing online!

Meet the Ultimate Mom Blogger: Amy Milcic from Rock Your Homeschool!


So let’s hear how this Ultimate Mom Blogger can help you rock your homeschool blog!

Hey! I’m Amy, a former mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. I love to hop on Periscope or Facebook Live to support & encourage other mommas. Find out more here!

Tell us about Rock Your Homeschool.

Rock Your Homeschool is dedicated to helping homeschoolers find their groove. It is my passion to help homeschoolers unlock their unique potential through tools, encouragement, & community.

As a busy blogger, how do you make sure your marriage, kids, ministry, work and home are in the right order of priority? Balancing home, (homeschool) and home business can be tricky. What has worked well for you and what has not?

Prayer has been the only consistent way that my life remains balanced. When I seek God first in all things, He leads me on the path I need to take (and, believe me, sometimes I need a shove in that direction!). I am also blessed with some dear friends who keep me on track and remind me of my priorities. It is a constant struggle but one that I believe has helped me become a better woman.

Organization and planning are a must in the life of a blogger, share with us your productivity secret!

PLANNERS! Besides my Rocke Your Homeschool blog, I also co-own and blog at Planner Squad, a site dedicated to all things planners. I currently own 7 planners and actively use 4 of them. My planners serve me as brain dumps, organizing, goal setting, and creative outlets. I cherish my weekly “me-time” with my planners because I know that my productivity level in all areas of my life increases and my stress level decreases.

Meet the Ultimate Mom Blogger: Amy Milcic from Rock Your Homeschool blog!

When you started blogging, what did not expect to happen? And what surprised you in the blogging sphere?

I started blogging after much prayer. I had no intention of starting a blog but kept hearing God’s call. Unsure of what direction to take, I started to write about our Catholic homeschool experiences. My passion for homeschooling and helping others helped me to “niche down”. I never in a thousand years would have dreamed that I would do live social media broadcasts (I am an introvert) nor be friends with some of the bloggers I chat with today.

How often do you post on your blog? And what do your readers love to get from you?

I typically post 3-4 times a week. I would post every day if time allowed. But, kids need to eat, the house needs to be defunkified, and soccer training calls! (Oh, and don’t forget sleep!)

What has been your most successful way to monetize your Rock Your Homeschool blog?

I have found that partnering with companies has been the best way to monetize. Sponsored posts have definitely been the best money maker for me thus far but I will be creating products in the very near future & hoping that route will be even better. 🙂

Do you have a blog accountability partner or mastermind group you belong to? If so, tell us a bit about it. How is it helpful to you?

My blog accountability partner is my bestie (who also happens to be a homeschool blogger!). I have a few groups of bloggers that I chat up ideas with and I am working on forming a mastermind group. I love to brainstorm and bounce ideas of others. One of my most favorite things to do is help other bloggers talk about their ideas. The creative process is just amazing!

I wouldn’t be able to blog without…

God and my husband. My hubby is awesome! He cooks our family dinners whenever possible and then plays with the boys many evenings so I can get blog work done. Also, hubby will take boys out for a few hours on a weekend day so I can work. He sees how much I love blogging and supports my passion.

Tell us about your first big blogging A-HA moment. What was it?

My first big blogging A-HA moment was when I realized that all the pretty colors and images so nicely placed in a post are not as easy to format as it looks!

What would you do differently if you were starting again?

If I was starting again, I would have taken a class or consulted an experienced blogger prior to starting. I was afraid to spend any money. I wish I would have been willing to invest in myself and my dreams much earlier than I did.

Give us your best 3 blogging tips for beginner bloggers.

1. Find blogging communities and ask questions. You will not look dumb, you will look like you care about your blog.
2. Do not get discouraged nor fret about your stats. Blogging is a big world. It is easy to feel like a tiny plankton in an ocean of bloggers. Head up and shoulders back. Every single blogger I know started off with one or two page views (usually from a parent and friend) and zero email subscribers.
3. Invest in yourself. If you have the money, take a course. Get a self-hosted site. You will be putting many hours into your blog. Ask yourself how much is that time worth.

We would love to hear about your own products and affiliate opportunities, freebies and resources! Feel free to share it here.

I am working on an ebook and a few other fun and exciting products this year including a blog course right now that is totally changing my perspective & rockin’ my world! As far as freebies go, I have a ton of freebies for subscribers on both Rock Your Homeschool and Planner Squad.

If you homeschool and are not familiar with Amy yet, check out her vibrant online community on Facebook with over 2400+ members!

My Biggest Takeaways from Amy’s Interview:

First, everyone starts from zero, so don’t be discourage, your blog will grow!

Second, invest in your blog in the beginning!!! Most of us commit the same mistake, we want to invest zero in the beginning and then we end up spending a lot more later to correct our mistakes. The best investment you can do is to start right! I am so glad I hired a blog coach to help me before I even launched the blog, this made a huge difference.

Also, there are gazillion courses out there to help start building the right foundation or if you are looking into jumpstart your blog and increase your “territory” pretty quickly, take my Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days course – all my best blogging secrets are right there for you with tons of videos and tutorials plus an amazing exclusive mastermind group on Facebook.

I have a few favorite blogging courses but this is the one I recommend for beginners:

What about you? What were your takeaways from this Ultimate Mom Blogger? Where are you in your blogging journey?

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