Having a perfectly crafted blog blueprint is like having a roadmap to a successful blog!

By defining some important blogging basics you will set yourself up for blogging success.

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Let’s create your blog’s blueprint!

This will help you from now on to create the best content for your readers.

  1. Define your niche.
  2. Write Your Mission Statement “My mission is to… so they can… by…”
  3. Who is your audience? Check out your Google Analytics and write it down.
  4. Define your avatar.
    • Who are you writing to?
    • Who is reading your blog? (Note that who you’ve been writing to might not necessarily be who is reading your blog.)
    • How can you merge both?
    • According to your GA info, what are their needs and wants? Organization, encouragement, ideas, recipes, DIY projects, printables, etc…
      • Make a list!
    • Now it’s always a good time to survey your readers and find out more about them! You can create a free survey using Survey Monkey https://www.surveymonkey.com/ Here is an example of a simple survey I sent out to my readers https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z9CV3D6

This is just a small example of how a short survey can help you create the best content to solve your readers’ problems.

I asked my readers this question:

“As a mom, what is your greatest struggle right now?”

(By the way, according to the experts, this is the best question you can ask your readers!)

Based on their response I quickly brainstormed and wrote down keywords for new blog posts.

Readers’ Answers Keywords
Balancing housework with homeschooling Balance, housework, homeschooling
Time! Time management, balance, priorities, busy mom, time block, planning, schedule
Affording curriculum Affordable curriculum, free homeschool curriculum, homeschool curriculum
using my time wisely Time management, balance, priorities, busy mom, time block, planning, schedule
Making enough money to support us in the day and a half per week I have to do it. (When my son is at his dad’s) Money, provision, part-time working mom, Budgeting
Time and energy. But I put schooling first, which reduces stress to find time for that. Time management, stress, balance, priorities, schedule, planning, time block
High school math High school homeschool, high school math, high school curriculum
Emotionally connecting and building relationships with my new stage of preteen kids (10 and 11 1/2) Family relationships, Preteen Communication, Parenting
Dealing with my special needs son’s attitude. Special Needs, Discipline, Parenting, Character training
Balancing our newly adopted daughter and our 2 foster kids Balance, Family relationships
Sibling bickering Family relationships, sibling’s rivalry, habit training, communication, discipline, parenting
Getting it all done Time management, balance, priorities, busy mom, time block, planning, schedule
Managing my time with everything. Time management, balance, priorities, busy mom, time block, planning, schedule
Been a stay at home keeping up with homeschooling and having a sick husband needing a lung transplant so it is all a struggle right now Time management, life challenges, health challenges, balance, priorities
providing for my children Money, Provision, working from home ideas
Focus and health Decision Making, Focus, Priorities, Planning, Healthy living, healthy habits, healthy recipes

Look how much info and how many blog ideas I can get out of that survey alone!

Now, this is a screenshot of my audience interest overview on Google Analytics. Check out how by looking at this data I can identify what resonates well with my readers:

Besides homeschooling and education, my readers are also interested in cooking, movies, home décor, teaching & classroom resources, gifts, and occasions: holidays and seasonal themes.

This information is worth gold to me! By knowing this I can create content on those interests that will most likely be enjoyed by my readers.

Now, I am not a cooking diva by any means, but I could certainly start sharing recipes and tutorials on my blog this year and why not occasionally write posts about favorite family movies, ideas for family movies’ trivia, ideas for movie-related board games (great for using Amazon affiliate links) or ideas and resources for family movie nights?

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