Let’s teach kids about true love! February is the month of love and this means Valentine’s Day is around the corner! When we celebrate Valentine’s Day as parents, we often need to figure out ways to include your kids in the celebration! Yes, you still get to do special things with your spouse but including your kids on this day sends a positive message to them. It makes them feel loved and special. This helps them understand that Valentine’s Day celebration is a day for everyone to show acts of true love and kindness to each other.

Teach Kids About True Love on Valentine's Day + FREE True Love Scripture Verses Printable

Teaching True Love on Valentines Day for Kids

How do you teach someone love? We live in a time where the word love is sadly losing its meaning. We use the word love very often for just about everything. “I love pizza.” “You will love this movie.” By teaching our kids about true love, we can help them gain a proper understanding of it.

There are many ways that the world confuses love. When our kids grow older and are confronted with the world view of love we want them to be prepared. A common one is that people are confusing lust with love in their relationships. Love brings self-control and doesn’t lead us to sin. By teaching them about true love with practical examples, we lay a good foundation to build on.

True love endures all things! When we truly love someone we would never give up on that person or on our marriage. Love never fails, even if we do. Love forgives, overcomes obstacles, and sustains us during the worse tragedies of life. What a beautiful thing to demonstrate to our kids!

Here Are 6 Ways To Teach Kids About True Love On Valentine’s Day:

1. Make your neighbor a home-cooked meal while involving your kids. This shows them that Valentine’s Day is not about us but about other people. It teaches them how the little things we do can make others feel truly loved.

2. Teach them that the Love of God is the one and only true love. That the only law of God is love; in everything we do, we must love others just as Christ loved us. Teach kids about true love by teaching them about God and leading them into a closer relationship with Him.

3. Teach them that the celebration of love is not only limited to Valentine’s Day only, it is an everyday lifestyle! We must love others every day and every minute even when it’s not easy and it won’t always be.

4. Help them make and give gifts to family and friends. It doesn’t have to be something expensive – handmade gifts are the best! This teaches them the joy that comes with putting our heart into our gifts to others and not just money.

If you are looking for a fun craft idea to teach your kids about true love check this one out!

5. Write out little notes of little things you love about them and you can ask them to write out yours too. I think this could be a fun activity and you would be amazed to actually hear what your kids think about you.

6. Read scriptures together as a family and discuss several scripture verses that teach about the true love of God and how we can love others.

We Have a Free Printable To Help You Teach Kids About True Love!

Teach Kids About True Love: Free 6 True Love Scripture Cards Printable

True love is the best gift we can give to others. We must love others without holding anything back. For only through faith and love are we able to please God.  Let’s teach kids about true love this Valentine’s Day!

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