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Yes, you want to focus on parenting your tweens heart. But how?

You need a plan. Grab your Encourage My Tween’s Heart Printable Pack and Start Building Them Up Today!

Here’s what you’ll get:


This is where you will take a few minutes to be intentional in what you are going to work on this week.

You will write down the following:

– Question to Ask (included) Also sign up for our Tween Talk Tuesday Emails and receive questions and encouragement weekly in your inbox!

– Note of Encouragement (notes and ideas included)

– One Way to Speak Their Love Language – not sure what it is? Do the quiz together and get ideas on how to show them love.

– Special Time Spent – Some ideas to get you started (No it doesn’t have to be elaborate!)

A Verse to Pray for them (get a printable prayer calendar for girls and boys in our Biblical resources FREEBIES Hub)

– Note Any Specific Heart Challenges to Pray For – including sibling battles and don’t forget to write down the emotional concerns as well!

Then you can plan out on the lines on the left, what days you are going to show them the actions, what days you will pray the verse for them, and what days you will pray for the heart challenges they are going thru.

Also, you will get them engaged. You can note which day they will pick from the “Ways to Serve Printable” to take action too!

The Heart Planner is your hub for the little intentional steps you will take each day that will have an eternal impact on winning your child’s heart!

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