Hi, my name is Ben. I am 8 years old and I love to read books. My favorite books are The Imagination Station books from Focus on the Family.

The Imagination Station Books

Why the Imagination Station Books are my favorite?

They are my favorites because they teach history and are filled with adventures. The stories are amazing. I have only five more books to go. Some stories happen in Bible times. It is like traveling in time to learn about history.

Here is a list of all The Imagination Station books I have read:

#1 – Voyage with the Vikings happens in Greenland in the year 1000. I learned about Vikings and Eric The Red.

#3 – Peril in the Palace I learned about China in 1271 and Kublai khan.

#4 – Revenge of the Red Knight happens during the War of Roses in England. I learned a bit about the war between the House of York and the House of Lancaster.

#5 – Showdown with the Shepherd  happens in the Holy Land in 1000 BC with the battle of David and Goliath.

#7 – Secret of the Prince’s Tomb happens in Ancient Egypt and it talks about Joseph.

#8 – Battle for Cannibal Island happens in Fuji in the 1850s.

#9 – Escape to the Hiding Place happens in Germany during the World War II!

#11 – Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon happens in the 13th century Libya. I learned about the legends of Sir George and the Dragon.

#12 – Danger on a Silent Night happens in Bethlehem. I learned about the wise men who came from far away to find baby Jesus. (Did you know I was born in Jerusalem? We lived just five minutes from Bethlehem when I was born. True story!)

#13 – The Redcoats Are Coming! happens in 1775 Concord, Massachusetts.

#14 – Captured on the High Seas happens in 1781 inside the American ship Royal Louis during the American Revolution.

#16 – Doomsday in Pompeii happens in Italy when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 AD.

#17 – In Fear of the Spear is a true story of missionaries in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.

#18 – Trouble on the Orphan Train happens in Missouri in 1874 and it’s about a train robbery.

Now I still need to read 4 more books to finish all the series and there is a new one coming up next year!

The Imagination Station Books
This is me, reading my very first The Imagination Station book my mom gave me. I couldn’t stop! It was so good I nearly read the whole book in one day.

Here are the books I still have to read from The Imagination Station book series:

#2 – Attack at the Arena (Fifth-century Rome)

#6 – Problems in Plymouth (Mayflower and The Pilgrims)

#10 – Challenge on the Hill of Fire (Saint Patrick)

#15 – Surprise at Yorktown (American Revolution)

The new book coming up is #19 – Light in the Lion’s Den. I can’t wait to read it!

The Imagination Station

Watch my videos about The Imagination Station on Periscope!

Here are my first videos about The Imagination Station:

My first review – August 17,2016.
My second review – September 20, 2016.

A Note From Ben’s Mom:

Dear friends, these books have helped my son to be a voracious reader. He read 14 books from this series in about two months plus some other books as well during the same time. These books are engaging, filled with adventures and teach them history but above all – good values. I highly recommend them!

The Imagination Station book series is created by Focus on the Family. The books are very affordable with prices varying from $3-$5 each. You can also buy these books in packages of 3, 6 or more with a discounted price. They are also available on Kindle.

You can use theses books in your homeschool for great unit studies! Focus on the Family has a special website with extra activities, notes for the parents, vocabulary lists and at the end of each book, your child will discover a secret word that will unlock a free Adventures in Odyssey audiobook! 

A Note To Ben From Mom:

Dear Ben,

I am so proud of you! You wrote this blog post all by yourself and with all your heart! May this be the first of many, in Jesus’ name! I am very, very proud of you for all the hours you sat still in front of the computer to type for the first time on your own. You are amazing! Thank you for your desire to help other boys and girls your age to love reading books too! I pray one day, as you said to me this morning, you will write books for children! Keep up the excellent work! Pursue all the dreams God has placed in your heart and you will not fail. You are truly a blessing.

Love, Mom.

Your Turn: Have you read The Imagination Station books yet? What are your favorite books?

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