CTC Math really changed our homeschool!

We had a hard time with Math since we started homeschooling 3 years ago, but now, with CTC Math online, our kids are beyond excited about math!

CTC Math

I was very disappointed at our last math curriculum (a very popular one), to be honest. It did cost us a lot of money and we were willing to invest all we could to make them happy about doing math without meltdowns and tears in the middle of our homeschool day. As much as it was fun at the beginning, my kids were repeating what they had already done on the previous curriculum and were not being challenged. CTC Math has changed that for us! I was reluctant to change curriculum again but I am so glad I did! My kids are learning, loving it and asking to do math even on the weekends!

I spent months last year looking for a perfect fit for us and I did look into CTC Math but it wasn’t popular in my circle of friends. I should have known better that, just because something works well for some homeschooling families, it doesn’t mean it will work for mine or vice-versa. And please, if you are looking for a good solid math curriculum, don’t discard one just because it is not popular among your friends! That one might be exactly what you need!

Why My Kids Are Excited About CTC Math:

  • CTC Math has short and engaging video lessons.
  • Kids go through the lessons on their own pace.
  • They are receiving instant feedback after each lesson.
  • They are learning mostly independently (Hallelujah! Moms, that gives us a break.)
  • They get more time on the iPad or the computer which here is a reward for them.
  • Strangely, my son is allergic to paper! So, the iPad doesn’t make him shiver (not that a lot of other moms will be concerned with this or find this an advantage, but I do).

I am a very busy homeschooling mom, housewife, health coach, blogger… you name it! I can’t waste time with things that don’t work for us or that will bring a meltdown during school time in our home, I will also not compromise my kids’ education in any way. With CTC Math we are all happy and satisfied. My kids are having the math training they need and because they do it more independently, I have a bit more of time to clean the floors, wash the dishes, do laundry and even do a devotional.

ctc math

Why I’m Loving CTC Math So Much:

  • Their website is very easy to navigate (all in one place).
  • I have a separate login and I can monitor everything my kids are learning.
  • I receive weekly reports delivered to my email.
  • I can create my task list (lesson plan) for each child if I want to.
  • I can print out every report even reward certificates for my children when they finish each module.
  • All grades are recorded for me so I don’t have to worry about that.
  • Parents and students have access to all grades so if there is anything my kids need to revise from last year’s math, we can.
  • It’s very affordable!! It costs a 1/3 of our last curriculum for all 3 children.
  • I have access to their progress and can analyze it anytime from any device, even from my smart phone.
  • I know how much time they spend on each lesson, their grades, what time they started and what time they finished their math.
  • It is a complete curriculum for grades K to 8, with no need for supplementation and they do have high school math too.
  • CTC Math lays down every option at your fingertip in their dashboard for you to know that your kids are really learning and not just wasting time.
  • They offer homeschoolers 60% off plus 3 months for free when you subscribe for the annual membership
  • 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their program.

ctc math

This how I can see what my kids have done on CTC Math on any given day:

Screenshot 2016-05-05 23.03.39

Do you want to see how CTC Math works?

CTC Math


Here is what others are saying about CTC Math:

CTC Math“Her confidence is soaring”

After nearly 3 years of struggling in math our struggles are over!

This was the perfect fit for my 9-year-old. Her confidence is soaring and her mastery is increasing by leaps and bounds.

The online quiz/test is wonderful as well because she can see with her own eyes that SHE is truly learning her math and scoring A’s.

Worth every penny!

Monica Ferrell
Ashland City, TN


“Easy to Understand Video Tutorials”CTC Math

CTC Math is an amazing, online program. I really enjoy listening to the easy-to-understand video lessons and solving the math worksheet after the lesson.

I have excelled in math so much.

Thank you, CTC Math!

Lauren Ashley McGinnis (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Belton, Missouri


CTC Math“A Huge Help for an Overloaded Mom”

I have 5 homeschoolers who have been using CTC Math for a few weeks. It has been fun for them, as well as a huge help for an overloaded mom…

They are learning and succeeding, and feeling great about their accomplishments.

Shannon Hazleton
Port Arthur, Texas


I recently shared on Periscope and Facebook Live why we were changing our homeschool curriculum. You can watch the replay here: (Skip to 30 minutes to watch just the review and navigate through the program with me).

I was beyond glad I finally got to try CTC Math and I totally recommend it to other homeschool moms!

ctc math

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5 Ways CTC Math Changed Our Homeschool

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