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I am so glad you’re starting your week here! The purpose of this link up party is to bring our community together as we encourage each other in our motherhood journey. This is also your opportunity to peek into my busy life and see all I’ve been up to!

My heart’s desire is that you will be blessed through this link up party posts with inspiration, encouragement and ideas on how to grow in your faith, marriage, family, homeschool, homemaking, career, healthy living habits and so on.

Blessed MOMdays

Last Week at They Call Me Blessed:

I had such a fantastic week! Busy but brilliant!

Blessed MOMdays
Fun Co-op – My friend Melissa used a pumpkin to teach about our 5 senses.


MONDAY was fun co-op day at our local library and my kids shared about things they are thankful for and learned about our five senses. Did I tell you guys that my youngest is attending a preschool program 3x a week? Yeah, that was a big decision for me but it is making a huge difference for all of us.

TUESDAY I wrote a blog post about conquering physical and emotional exhaustion, something I am very familiar with! I shared a bit of my own story and the serious dangers of burning out. I also share how I’ve been using great tools to heal, rest and recover from my burn out last year.

Tuesday night is AWANA night for our kids and my hubby and I got to go on a short date just for hot chocolate and a yummy apple pie fritter! We have been committed to investing in our marriage as much as we can. Oh and we started to read the books I got at the marriage conference last week. 😉

WEDNESDAY I guest posted at my friend’s Amanda Long’s blog Time Saving Mom! She is hosting a fabulous blog party on Time Saving Mom! Here is my blog post on 7 Super Easy, Time Saving & No Excuses Ideas for a Healthier Lifestyle. I think you will like to read it! Oh, and you will love my recipe for detox water here.

THURSDAY I hosted my very first Thirty-One online party and boy, I just love their bags! I did a live periscope and two Facebook lives showing part of my own Thirty-One collection. LOL Just 15 bags but wait! I found another one downstairs yesterday, so without ever being a consultant, I managed to buy or get free (for hosting Thirty-One parties) all these bags! Oy! You can join my crazy addiction to bags here. I also hosted Homeschoolscopes Happy Hour on Periscope! Woohoo!! Oh, how I love to encourage other homeschool moms!

FRIDAY I homeschooled the kids, as usual, took a nap and watched movies! HALLELUYAH!! Yes, I get to do that sometimes.

SATURDAY Ryan took the kids to our local Cineplex for free movies while I held my 6th Illustrated Faith Workshop at our local Christian Bookstore. It was such a blessing! I love Bible journaling so much – it keeps my eyes on Jesus, gives me the “me” time and sanity time I need as a busy mom. Then I got to go on another date with my hubby in the afternoon to the movies! We watched Keeping Up with the Joneses – hilarious!! I just wish it was clean, I don’t know why people think there is a need for bad words in movies.

Today, SUNDAY I skipped church. I know, eh? I couldn’t sleep well last night after eating Chinese and having ice-cream. My body cannot handle wheat, dairy, and other things. :/ But to redeem my Christian life (LOL), I was part of the PEI Lifechain Prayer at our local university. As a big pro-life I am, I stood up holding a sign that said: “Life is a beautiful choice” along over two hundred other people for over an hour in the cold and rain with a big smile on my face! Why? Because I believe life is a choice anyone deserves to make. Because the Word of God calls us to speak life and to choose life. Because Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant!

Today I also posted a review on the Magic School Bus Science Club that we love! And by the way, Educents have it for 50% off now and free shipping!

3 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

  1. Hosting my first Poetry TeaTime event at our local library on a PD day
  2. Carry on with the 100 Days of Intimacy challenge with my husband
  3. Getting ready to host another fabulous blog party coming up soon! This time I will be interviewing amazing mom bloggers and WAHMs who will be sharing all their whats, whys, and hows with us!

Is blogging or working from home for you? Can you make money blogging or working from home? How? Can you balance home, homeschool and work from home? Stay tuned!

This new blog party is part of the pre-launch of my new e-course Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days!

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Blessed MOMdays


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Blessed MOMdays

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Blessed MOMdays

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