Let’s be honest. Working from home isn’t easy—but it’s definitely rewarding!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom trying to supplement the family income, then you know how hard it can be to juggle family, church, business, and blogging. Thankfully, though, you can do it.

I’ve wanted to work from home since before I was married. Growing up in a homeschooling family, I loved the close bond we had and I wanted that for my own future children.

But working from home just wasn’t financially feasible when my husband, Diego, and I first married. So I continued working for a popular Christian magazine called Charisma.

For 5 ½ years at Charisma Media, I wrote and edited articles, hosted podcasts, worked on social media and so much more.

I enjoyed what I did for the most part—but my heart still yearned to be at home. So in June 2020, I left my corporate job and started pursuing my content marketing coaching business full time! Allow me to give you a little peek into my journey.

Why I Felt God Calling Me to Start Working From Home

First, let me explain why I felt Jesus calling me to work from home. Understanding these motivations helped me feel confident that my decision to work from home was not just a whim.

1. I believe God has called me to make my home and my family a priority (see Titus 2:5).

I was having a hard time with that while working full time outside the home plus helping with ministry at my local church.

2. I wanted to be at home, but I still wanted to grow in my writing and creative skills.

By working from home, I get continually sharpen my talents and help others in the process!

3. In all honesty, my corporate job weighed on me.

I wasn’t truly satisfied with my work and the content I was creating. I knew that whatever I did from home, I wanted to feel 100% good about it.

4. I wanted something more flexible, something that allowed me to set my own priorities and make my own schedule.

And I’m not alone in that! Flexibility appears to be one of the main reasons Millennial moms want to work from home nowadays, reports Forbes.

In the many months that I’ve been working from home (part time and now full time), I’ve learned a few tips. These strategies have helped me stay focused and grow my business—all while keeping Jesus first.

5 Tips to Honor God While Working From Home

1. Ask God to Set Your Priorities

Make sure Jesus Christ always has first place in your heart and in your life.

One commitment I made to the Lord was that I wouldn’t allow my business to interfere with:

  1. My personal time with Him;
  2. My time with my family, especially Diego; and
  3. My commitment to my local church.

In fact, before I even started my business, I wrote down the ways I wanted to honor Christ in my work.

I take my blog and business seriously, but I know where it lies on my list of priorities. And I don’t let it sneak into a higher spot.

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2. Make a Schedule and Set Your Work Hours

The great thing about working from home is that you get to set your hours!

Even if you’re spread thin as a busy mom, I encourage you to sit down and schedule what times you would like to be working—and what hours you would like to not be working.

I make sure to coordinate with my husband for this because he loves quality time together! So if he’s telling me he needs more time with me, I hear his heart and put my laptop away.

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3. Use Organizational Tools

First, get a planner. Period.

Confession: I’m not a planner person. I start using one and then I stop. But in running my own business from home, I’ve found I need to have a planner and stick to it if I want to be responsible with my commitments.

I also encourage you to use organizational tools. This could be as simple as using Excel spreadsheets and Trello or as complicated as purchasing a customer relationship management system or workflow apps like Asana or Monday.com.

You should also use organizational tools for your finances. I use Wave Apps since my business is still small and my expenses and sales are easy to keep track of. As you grow, though, you may find you need to hire a bookkeeper.

4. Invest in Yourself and in Your Business

Be wise, of course—don’t throw your money at everything. But be willing to take working from home seriously. If God has called you to run a business from home, then He’s called you to be excellent.

Be willing to invest the necessary time and money to grow in your knowledge of how to market your business, how to use your tech, how to write well, etc.

This also might mean hiring a consultant to coach you or a contractor to do some of your more cumbersome tasks.

5. Be a Blessing to Others and Give Yourself Some Grace

Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive (see Acts 20:35).

My parents have always told me, “You can’t out-give God.” I’ve found this to be true again and again. God has been beyond generous with me—from eternal salvation to daily encouragements. No matter how much I give and serve, I always get more back because He is so good and kind to me!

That’s His heart for you, too.

Of course, you can’t give everything away in your business since you still have to earn an income. But don’t be scared of being generous and helping others when you get a chance.

And while you’re at it, be generous toward yourself, too. Give yourself some grace and remember that Jesus is for you, not against you.

I’m cheering you on, my friend! I know you can be a success while working from home.

Jenny Rose Spaudo is a Jesus-driven homeschool graduate and content marketing coach at JennyRoseSpaudo.com. When she’s not spilling marketing secrets on her blog for Christian entrepreneurs, you can find her soaking up time with her husband, Diego, or mentoring other women in the Word of God. Find her on Facebook and Instagram or email her at jennyrosespaudo@gmail.com. Make sure you grab your free list of 19 irresistible blog headlines!