God's perfect path for us and our kids' lives seems to somehow look a bit different than what we had envisioned ourselves. Here is why I love homeschooling. Join me and 31 other moms as we share why we love homeschooling.

Hello They Call Me Blessed Community! My name is Forest Rose and I have been on this blessed homeschooling journey with my family now for 7 years. This path came as a surprise to me though. My story begins with my oldest daughter, now almost 10, on a journey to look for preschools. We found, what we thought was, our perfect fit after visiting a few. We signed her up and paid in full the tuition for the year. Unbeknownst to me, God had a different plan. He always does, doesn’t He? God’s perfect path always seems to be a bit different than we pictured it.

Within the following months, I began to feel a tug on my heart from the Lord, He was leading me to homeschool. Homeschool what???? I was seriously terrified, confused and pretended for a while that what I was hearing had to be wrong. After all homeschool is not “normal”. I don’t know anyone who even does it! This is just too crazy! I was raised in public school and so was my husband sooo…

Public school, that’s just what you do, right!?

Public school is what “normal” is, right!?

God wouldn’t ask us to do something considered weird or unacceptable in society, right!?

We’ve never considered any other way, so there isn’t one, right!?

Well there is a better way for us. He called us out! He called us to be set apart! He called us to go against what is considered “normal”! So here we are. This is not the path for the faint at heart, or even the perfect path for everyone. But this is ours. There is ridicule and hardship, trials and tribulations within this path. But once you choose it, you will immediately see the fruits of your labors. I just want to say really quick, that I know the tone of a post can totally be taken out of context, so I just want to let you know if you are not a homeschool mom, I am not in any way saying you are on the wrong path or less than, everyone and every family is different and God has people everywhere in everything.

The Reason I Love Homeschooling

God’s perfect path for our family just happens to be Homeschooling. He chose us, He chose it, here we go…LOL. So now I follow His lead, guiding His next generation into their perfect callings, raising them in their gifts and drawing out their talents… to God be the glory. This is why I love homeschooling, I know without a doubt, that they are called home to be filled to overflowing with His wisdom, so they will be able to pour it out on others! I know that my girls are getting the God chosen education and that though things seem tough and impossible at times, I always have that to lean on and to bring us through the hard seasons.

God has called us to experience His fullness and partake of His love and wisdom together. We nourish our children through His total guidance everyday. We don’t have any outside influence of any worldly curriculum, unsaved teachers or unsavory peers to confuse our kids the difference of truth and fallacy. They learn truth, truth and more truth. They are with us, so I know what goes into their eye gate and ear gate.

I picture it like this, when you plant a garden you wouldn’t choose a cold, shady, clay soil or weed ridden environment to grow your plants because they would surely die. They need warmth, sunlight and good soil to grow. There may be a few that still break through, but they will soon be choked out, not being protected from the elements, or not being fed the proper amounts of sunlight that they need to produce.

Our kids are like these plants, they become their environment, no matter how much we try to tell them what to do, they will still become their environment. We could tell that plant to grow in the dark, but it won’t. It will soon be overtaken by darkness and wither. But if our kids are in a God-led, love filled environment they will grow abundantly.

No one loves my kids more than I do. Yes, there are some amazing teachers out there, but they still do not and will not love my kids as much as I do and as much as God does. They will not be taught the way God wants them to be. I want the best for my kids and that just so happens to be me. Yep, me and you for yours! God has gifted each parent with the exact tools that will help you to nourish your kids and train them up in the way they should go.

So as Scary as it was, at first, and as awkward as it felt and no matter how many uncomfortable conversations we have had with people and will have… we love homeschooling because just as I want to be led by the Holy Spirit everyday, now my kids are being led by Him too. Led into His perfect will for each of their lives. They are being led down God’s Perfect Path.

Your turn. If you are a homeschool mom, tell us why you love homeschooling in the comments and everywhere. Be sure to tweet it, share it Instagram, on Facebook or any other social platform and use the hashtag #‎31ReasonsWeLoveHS so we can find your reason. Be sure to follow along on the 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling Facebook Party page too.

God's perfect path for us and our kids' lives seems to somehow look a bit different than what we had envisioned ourselves. Here is why I love homeschooling. Join me and 31 other moms as we share why we love homeschooling.

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