America The Beautiful homeschool curriculum by Notgrass History is a Journey through the heart of American history. So good! My youngest is loving it. Now that we’re living in the United States, we’re so excited to dive deeper into American history.

Are you seeking a homeschool curriculum fueled by a deep love for American history? Check out Notgrass History’s America The Beautiful. As a homeschooling mom, I’m enjoying this captivating American history curriculum for middle-schoolers.

America The Beautiful by Notgrass History Review: Discover the captivating Notgrass History America The Beautiful curriculum, a comprehensive homeschool resource for American history.

America The Beautiful: A Captivating Narrative of the American Story

curiosity. This curriculum uses a living book approach, bringing history to life with vivid descriptions and captivating anecdotes. This American History homeschool curriculum captures the imagination of young learners, encouragingAmerica The Beautiful’s lessons are engaging. Gone are the days of dry textbooks that fail to ignite a spark of curiosity.

This curriculum uses a living book approach, bringing history to life with vivid descriptions and captivating anecdotes. This American History homeschool curriculum captures the imagination of young learners. This encourage them to think critically and engage with the historical narrative on a deeper level.

A Visual Feast: Bringing History to Life

As you explore the curriculum, you will find a visual feast that enriches the learning experience. America The Beautiful has stunning pictures carefully selected to immerse students in the historical landscape. From majestic landscapes to portraits of influential figures, these visuals serve as windows to the past. It transports learners to different periods, creating a deeper connection with American history.

America The Beautiful is perfect for middle-schoolers!

Structured for Success: Comprehensive Resources for a Successful Study

Notgrass History’s America The Beautiful curriculum package is carefully designed to provide you with everything you need for a successful and enriching study of American history. The curriculum offers a flexible approach, allowing you to choose assignments and activities that best suit your child’s needs and interests.

At the core of the curriculum are two captivating hardbound books that feature narrative lessons complemented by a wealth of colorful photographs and historical illustrations. These books serve as the backbone of the curriculum, guiding your child through the fascinating story of America’s past.

In addition, the curriculum includes a book of primary source documents that offers a unique glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of people from the past. By examining these primary sources, students gain a deeper understanding of historical events and develop critical thinking skills.

America The Beautiful by Notgrass History Review: Explore the comprehensive Notgrass History America The Beautiful curriculum, an engaging resource for American history in homeschooling.

To reinforce learning and provide hands-on engagement, students will complete assignments in a timeline book and a map book as they progress through the lessons. These interactive tools help students visualize the chronology of events and the geographical aspects of American history.

To nurture a well-rounded education, each curriculum unit incorporates Bible study, vocabulary exercises, and creative writing activities. This holistic approach ensures that students gain historical knowledge and develop important skills in language arts and critical thinking.

America The Beautiful also includes a range of hands-on projects such as recipes, crafts, and games. These activities add a fun and interactive element to the learning experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in the culture and daily life of different periods in American history.

Literature Recommendations: A Gateway to Deeper Understanding

Notgrass History’s America The Beautiful curriculum includes a carefully curated selection of literature that beautifully complements each study period. These books provide a gateway to deeper understanding, transporting young minds to different eras, and fostering a love for reading. The literature recommendations in America The Beautiful enrich the historical narrative and promote a lifelong love for literature.

America The Beautiful Literature Recommendation
Picture curtsy of Notgrass History.

Expand your knowledge of American history with these ten living books recommended by Notgrass History.

Your middle-school students can read the books on their own, or you can use them as family read-alouds. Ten books go along with America the Beautiful Part 1 and five books with Part 2.

Each book offers a unique perspective on a specific period, providing a more comprehensive understanding of America’s past. Perfect for middle-school students or as a family read-aloud, the first five books complement America the Beautiful Part 1, while the remaining five complement Part 2.

Unleashing the Full Potential: How America The Beautiful Works

America The Beautiful combines textbooks, primary sources, literature, and additional resources to create a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

The curriculum provides detailed lesson plans, engaging student assignments, and helpful assessments, giving structure to your homeschooling journey. However, it also allows you to tailor the curriculum to your specific goals and preferences.

America The Beautiful also explores art, music, geography, and other aspects of American culture, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the nation’s history.

Notgrass America The Beautiful curriculum package provides a comprehensive and flexible framework for successfully studying American history. With its beautifully written narrative lessons, captivating visuals, primary source documents, interactive timeline and map books, as well as engaging activities and projects, this curriculum offers a rich and immersive educational experience.

Using this curriculum, you can confidently guide your child through the fascinating story of America’s past, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of the nation’s history and culture.

Check Out Notgrass America The Beautiful

Notgrass History’s America The Beautiful curriculum is a beautiful journey through the heart of American history. With its engaging stories, stunning visuals, carefully curated living books, and practical design, this curriculum will ignite a passion for learning and instill a deep love and appreciation for the United States.

As a homeschool mom, I have seen the power of this American History curriculum to inspire young learners and nurture their curiosity, critical thinking, and patriotism. Discover the joy of this extraordinary homeschool curriculum and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the story of America.

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