I love cuddling with my children to read Snuggle Time Psalms any time of the day! Building a strong faith foundation and reading are our top priorities in this house for many reasons you can read about here and here. From the time we rise up to the time we close our eyes, books follow us wherever we go.

Snuggle Time Psalms

One of my very favorite books to read especially with my youngest now is Snuggle Time Psalms. It combines two things that are dearest to my heart: Bible and poetry!

I love how Glenys Nellist, the author, uses beautiful poems inspired on some of our favorite Psalms to describe the love of God to our children.

Snuggle Time Psalms uses beautiful and soothing language to teach them about the love of God that is all around us. We can feel his love wrapping us around like a warm and soft blanket as we read it.

Snuggle Time Psalms
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One of my favorite poems in this book is inspired by Psalm 121:1.

“I lift my eyes up to the hills,

Will God help me today?

I know the Maker of the earth

Is listening as I pray.

My God never, ever sleeps,

And so I will not fall.

The Lord is watching over me —

The Maker of us all.”

Snuggle Time Psalms is not just for the littlest ones.

I feel very encouraged after reading it to my children. As a busy mom, sometimes those pages will be my devotional and they will sustain me throughout the day. It brings me to meditate on God’s Word from a perspective of a child, full of innocence and full of faith.

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

This book has encouraged me to see life with the eyes of a child and helps me to focus on the love and care of God for each of us.

Snuggle Time Psalms

3 Ways To Make The Best Use of Snuggle Time Psalms:

      1. Keep it in your morning basket and use it as a daily devotional. As soon as your children wake up in the morning snuggle with them and read one or two pages together. Ask them questions like: What do you think God wants you to know about Him through this verse? Keep the conversation going for as long as possible. We call it juicy conversations. Pray about it with your children.
      2. Use it for Poetry Teatime. My children love poetry and poetry teatime. They call poetry beautiful language and it is so! Once a week we bake cookies, set up a beautiful table and sit together to enjoy reading aloud. You can start a new family tradition in your house and help your children to memorize one poem from Snuggle Time Psalm every week or two along with the Bible verse. You can pick one page and read it to them every morning until they are able to recite it on their own.
      3. Read it before bedtime. There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than hearing the Word of God before we fall asleep. Let your children pick their favorite page for you to read before bed. My youngest daughter loves Are You There, God? inspired by Psalm 6. She can’t read on her own yet but I often find her sitting with this book open on her favorite page and I hear her saying “Jesus, are you there?”. What a sweet picture for a mom to keep in her heart!
Snuggle Time Psalms

Experience Snuggle Time Psalms

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite cuddle and snuggle book you read with your children? Have you read the Snuggle Time Psalms yet?

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