Who thought using Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling in our homeschool morning routine would be such a great hit?

7 Reasons We Use Bible Journaling in Our Homeschool

As a mom who needs to be vigilant about spending time alone with God and Illustrated Faith helps me to do just that! My Bible journaling time is my sacred time to be refreshed and empowered for my day or my next day if I journal before bedtime. I love Illustrated Faith devotional kits and every inspiring resource they can come up with.


Why using Bible Journaling in Our Homeschool?

Bible journaling is exciting! It makes the words of the Bible pop, it helps you to visualize the verses and memorize it easily. We use several of our senses while journaling in our Bibles, even our smell if we are using painting. This is a great way to teach a visual and a hands-on learner!

My idea of adding bible journaling to our homeschool morning routine did not happen overnight. My 6-year-old daughter became interested in watching me stamping, coloring, and even painting in my Bible. Then slowly she started to do the same in her journal and she would carefully handwrite Bible verses to her pages.


It didn’t take long for my 8-year-old son to start asking to color and to stamp in his Bible as well. Of course, his version of Bible journaling is different from our girly version of Bible journaling.

All the suddenly, all three of us began coming to the breakfast table with our Bible journaling “tools” and spreading it over the dining table:

  • Bibles, journals or notebooks
  • die cut prompts
  • washi tapes
  • coloring pencils
  • watercolor paints
  • acrylic paints
  • all kinds of stamps
  • ink pads galore

We’ve always started our homeschool morning routines by reading our Bible aloud then we would discuss the passage, pray together and off we go to start our Language Arts lessons.

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“Why not using our Bible journaling time for learning as part of our homeschool?” I though. “We could dwell longer in the Word while learning!”

When I started to notice all the subjects we were actually learning while spending time in the Word, I was so excited! I’ve seen people learning Language Arts using literature, so why not use our Bibles that are so rich in beautiful forms of literature, even poetry and with awesome stories?


These are the subjects we are learning by using Bible journaling in our homeschool:

  1. Bible: Our favorite part of the day starts with our Bible reading and devotional. We are growing our faith together each morning. Memorizing new Bible verses every week and knowing more about God and His plans for our lives.
  2. Copywork: I can’t stress enough how much I love copywork and how beneficial it is for my children. Copywork helps them to pay attention while copying the words one by one. It helps them to focus.14193884_10157396898840385_1713841632_n
  3. Handwriting: With each copywork they do, they are perfecting their handwriting skills. My children have been practicing the habit of attention and perfect execution. Their handwriting is getting better and better!14159220_10157396898435385_1821197576_n
  4. Spelling: As you copy words carefully, you are also making sure your spelling is right and you learn as you spell it over and over again.14256340_10157396893615385_920652808_n
  5. Vocabulary: Bible journaling has given my children lots of new words in their vocabulary! Every time we stumble upon a new word, we stop and learn the meaning of it. Write it down, look in the dictionary, create a words jar with all new words your kids are learning in their Bible. Learning new words can be fun too!
  6. Art & Creativity: When we do Bible journaling together, we paint, cut, glue, color, learn different techniques for stamping, painting, scrapbooking, etc. We use our imagination and creativity to make those words pop and help us to visualize and remember them. Bible journaling is all about learning about the one who is the ultimate creative author of our lives!Bible Journaling in your homeschool
  7. FUN!!! I know fun is not a subject, but how cool is it when we are learning and having fun at the same time? And how easy it is to remember things we learned while loving doing it!

How are we using Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling to help our reluctant young writers in our homeschool?

The Illustrated Faith die cut prompts give perfect inspiration for my kids to find a scripture and journal about it in their Bibles or notebooks. They are fun, colorful and each one has a scripture reference on the back. All they need to do is pick one to begin!


Illustrated Faith has monthly devotional kits that I absolutely love! One of them, especially, called Lists by Faith has been my favorite to use with my kids! This devotional kit encourage you to write 31 different lists from “Who are your favorite men in the Bible?” to “What are your favorite Scriptures?” These lists are perfect for reluctant writers like my 8-years-old son who doesn’t like to write paragraphs but won’t mind making lists. 😀

Every devotional kit comes with gorgeous stickers, washi tape, clear stamps, ink pad, etc so it’s perfect to help them unleash their creativity.


The Illustrated Faith devotional kits change every month. Each box comes with a devotional booklet, stickers, washi tape, clear stamps, ink pad, etc so it’s perfect to help them unleash their creativity and illustrated their lists or Bible verses.

Here is the latest Illustrated Faith devotional kit called Through Christ.

IF Through Christ

Ready to add Bible Journaling to your homeschool?

I really hope you got excited about adding Bible Journaling to your homeschool after reading this post! We are so blessed to have Christian resources like Illustrated Faith to inspire us and encourage us to be in the Word every day.

But if you don’t have any of these, don’t worry! Start today with what you have. Use your Bible devotional book to inspire your kids to journal their faith.

I am excited to see where this will take you!

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