Maybe it’s time to make a big impact on someone’s life! They Call Me Blessed is partnering with DaySpring once again to make a BIG impact in other people’s lives through the Encouragement Dare.

Make a Big Impact

I love to encourage others! And I never forget those who encouraged me through the valleys and the mountains in my life. I hope today you will find here simple ways to encourage and make a big impact in someone’s life. Whether this is your closest friend, a fairly evasive neighbor, or that new, stand-offish visitor at church, you may want to think through some of these big, grand ideas on how to encourage them.

Here are 23 Simple Ways to Make a BIG Impact on Someone’s Life

  1. Forgive a loan (Ok, I get it. You are thinking “oh, wait! This is not so simple!” Dear friend, this is as simple or as complicated as you judge it to be. I truly get it! What would Jesus tell you to do in your circumstance?)
  2. Offer to bring them a hot meal (That overwhelmed mom, that grieving family or the family struggling financially in your church? They will so appreciate this hot meal!)
  3. Give a thoughtful gift
  4. Pay for lunch
  5. Listen (for hours if you need to)
  6. Offer to do the dishes – This is how my loving husband makes a big impact on my crazy busy homeschooling day every day!
  7. Send flowers to your child’s teacher just to say “thanks” or how about sending to your mom just to say “I love you, mom.”Make a Big Impact in Someone's Life
  8. Surprise a loved one with a dazzling necklace
  9. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, leaving behind a note thanking them for being great neighbors
  10. Pass out Scripture Shareables while volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen
  11. Offer to babysit your friend’s kids so she can take a break
  12. Surprise a disheartened co-worker with new office supplies & decor
  13. Visit a nursing home – set up a weekly time to read an encouraging book to one of the residents
  14. Start a card ministry
  15. Drop off a plate of your favorite baked goods at your nearest fire station, police station, your church staff and other places around town.
  16. Walk your neighbor’s dog
  17. Invite your new neighbor to dinner and a movie – introduce them to your group of friends, invite them to church
  18. Invite a grieving friend to tea (and focus intently on their worries, thoughts & concerns)
  19. Schedule a fun night with friends, and invite someone you know who might be dealing with depression and/or loneliness
  20. Send care packages to new college students
  21. Reach out to any friends who are under the weather – Send them a get well gift or a bouquet of flowers
  22. Go grocery shopping for a new mom
  23. Become a mentor – share your heart with a younger version of yourself

Want to start making a big impact in someone’s life? Take the Encouragement Dare!

Sometimes all it takes to get us to go that extra mile, to climb up that extra set of stairs, or to take that leap of faith toward the road less traveled is three little words…I. DARE. YOU.

And, we also know that Scripture calls us to:

  • Encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
  • Care for each other (1 Corinthians 12:26)
  • Motivate one another (Hebrews 10:24)
  • Accept one another (Romans 15:7)

With this in mind and with the upcoming celebration of National Day of Encouragement on Sept. 12, Day Spring is launching its first ever Encouragement Dare. Starting August 30 through September 12, WE DARE YOU to actively encourage those around you.

DaySpring is equipping us with ideas, tools, and resources to help us reach out. Check out their free shareable Ecards, and be on the lookout for upcoming deals on encouraging gifts!

Your Turn: Are you ready for the dare? Share your #EncouragementDare stories on social media using hashtag #EncouragementDare, #DaySpring,#LiveYourFaith and don’t forget to tag @DaySpring and us @anawillis!

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