No matter the age or grade level of your homeschooled child, it’s important to understand that there’s an abundance of amazing Christian curriculum for you and your homeschooler.

With the ease and familiarity of the Internet, surfing the world wide web and doing research can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to find the top choices for your child.

If you’ve been looking for the top Christian curriculum choices for your high schooler, here are my suggestions to help get your search started!

How to Find Christian Curriculum Choices for your High Schoolers - The first step to successfully choosing christian curriculum for your high schooler is to understand the learning needs and pace of your child.

Here are some favorite Christian curriculum choices for your high schoolers:

Sonlight Curriculum

As many of you know, Sonlight is our homeschool curriculum of choice for the past 6 years. It’s an amazing feeling to find curriculum which aligns perfectly with the needs of your family. While we haven’t begun to use Sonlight for high school (still have a few more years!), I know Sonlight offers amazing high school curriculum.

It’s so jam-packed with information, that Sonlight itself mentions it may take longer than a year to get through it all! Sonlight has three times more course information than many other programs do when compared to other curricula.

Besides core subjects like history, literature, science, math and language arts, your child can also choose from electives like psychology, college & career planning, and British literature. Check out all the options for Sonlight High School programs.

ACE (Accelerated Christian Education).

Depending on how your child learns, ACE can be a great option, because it allows your child to work at their own pace. The program is commonly referred to as ACE PACE for that reason.

With the majority of the focus is on the bible, ACE also offers courses in word building, math, science, literature and social studies. Some of the electives available include Greek, missions, soul winning, and Christian counseling.

ACE is a top-notch homeschool program that can really help prepare your high schooler for college.


For students and parents who prefer sticking with the textbooks and more guided learning, Apologia is a great option.

Focused on biblical views, Apologia also offers health and nutrition, chemistry, marine biology, constitutional literacy. As a bonus, they also offer some amazing planners to help you and your children stay focused and on task for the year ahead.

Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse

The beauty Switched-On Schoolhouse: concise computer-based learning, for an interactive education. Perfect for a techie homeschooler.

The program starts in grade 3 and goes through high school. Also, It offers automated grading for almost 80% of its content! With topics like geography, Bible, math, and science, your child is certain to get a well-rounded education during their high school years.

BJU Press

If you are searching for a curriculum that will challenge the minds of your high school student, BJU Press may be just what you’re searching for. Difficult and challenging curriculum in physics, consumer math, and pre-calculus are some of the options for your high schooler.

BJU is great for high school, and it’s also available for the elementary and middle school grades.

Master Books

While this curriculum choice is for 12 graders specifically, it’s an amazing year-long program. They offer courses in science, math, British literature, and intro to biblical Greek. Your child will love learning about the different subjects offered, and also diving deeper into the New Testament. Introduce your child to a curriculum that will challenge their minds, and strengthen their faith with Master Books.

Looking for a foreign language Christian curriculum choice? Check out Hebrew for Homeschoolers!

With your high schooler looking to leave the nest soon, be certain they have the knowledge and understanding of a second language. What better option to teach them than with the the language of the Bible?

Hebrew for Homeschoolers is an interactive and engaging course. It will leave your high schoolers amazed at how quickly they can pick up on it. Written to be accessible to all ages, Hebrew for Homeschoolers is a great curriculum choice for your high schooler that also helps students grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

Other great Christian curriculum choices to check on:

No matter what type of Christian Curriculum you’re looking for, rest easy knowing that there are a ton of great options available.

The first step to successfully choosing a program is to understand the learning needs and pace of your child. Some thrive with more parental interaction, while others need a more independent based learning.

Regardless of your high schooler’s needs, one of the Christian curriculum choice options above may be the perfect fit!

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