Are you struggling with homeschooling options? You need to be using these Kindergarten Christian Curriculum Choices for your child!

To say that there are a ton of Christian curriculum choices for your homeschool needs is quite an understatement. If you take time to research each and every viable option, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed. And honestly, who needs that?

It’s not like you don’t already have a million other things going on, right? Why put the stress on yourself of spending all your free time searching online and trying to compare the options.

Rest easy knowing that I’ve put together an amazing list of great options for you and your Kindergartner. The content is great, faith-based, and user-friendly. If you’re trying to narrow down your options, here are some suggestions to get you started on the right path!

Make sure you know first how to choose the right curriculum for your family.

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Top Favorite Kindergarten Christian Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Your Child

1. Sonlight Curriculum

If you’ve been following my family’s homeschool journey, you know just how much I LOVE Sonlight. I seriously can’t say enough about it, and how it’s changed everything about our journey, in a positive way. It takes mere moments to plan-out the week for all my kids, and I love how I can teach varying ages together.

Sonlight Kindergarten was the perfect curriculum for our family.

As a parent, it is crucial for me that my children do not have to be separated during our learning time. Moreover, Sonlight fully understands this. Plus, their lesson plans and topics are so well organized, hardly have to lift a finger. Seriously, it’s true! Sonlight is known for its complete Christian curriculum offering, and they’ve been educating children all over the world for the past 30 years.

Sonlight focuses heavily on literature and has structured learning options in history, Bible, language arts, science and some of the best math programs available.

Raising Mission Minded Kids: Our Sonlight Morning Books

2. Abeka

Abeka does a great job at providing curriculum younger children really grasp. While they have the more common subjects, like  Math and Science, they also offer courses like poetry, Children of the World, God’s World,  and health & visual safety. I love how well-rounded their offering is.

A great thing about Abeka, is the flexibility to purchase curriculum as a complete package or choose to purchase lesson plans one at a time. Keep in mind you should always go with what works best for you and your child.

3. Horizons

We’re actually huge fans of Horizons, we’ve used them in the past.  My kids really enjoyed the concept presentation and loved the overall flow. Their main focus lies in math, phonics, health, and reading. Horizons also offer a pretty unique physical education book, with cool diagrams and information to teach your child how to be active and engaged throughout their day.

I’m always fond of a curriculum with well-rounded lesson plans. The more your child learns, the better prepared that they’ll be for anything and everything that life presents to them.

4. Christian Liberty Press Kindergarten

Christian Liberty Press is another great example of a “one stop shop”. Not only do they offer a wide variety of lessons in math, science, and phonics but they also offer interesting lessons in nature, art, and the Bible. And if you’re like us, and love nature exploration, Christian Liberty Press Kindergarten may be just what you’re looking for.

I’ve heard great comments and read rave reviews from homeschool families who love using their curriculum.

5. BJU Press Beginnings

Christian curriculum like BJU is a dream come true for many homeschool families who love traditional textbooks. If you pay attention you’ll meet those who shout and jump for joy at the mention of their name. The complete curriculum bundles are affordable, and the included lesson plans are easy to use. Their course offerings include writing, phonics, and biblical truths. You and your kindergartner will love exploring everything BJU has to offer, and did I mention that they’re affordable!?


This is a non-Christian online curriculum all my three kids love using since they were little. ABCmouse is a full curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 2 with tons of fun. It covers math, language arts, science, social studies, arts, geography, and more. Perfect option for the techie homeschool families along your Christian curriculum choice. Also, consider using Hooked on Phonics. Read my full review here.

Looking into teaching your kindergartner a second language?

Did you know 73% of the Bible was written in Hebrew?

Imagine introducing your Kindergartner to the Hebrew language, and giving them a deeper insight and understanding of the Word. When you enroll them in Hebrew for Homeschoolers, you absolutely can! Don’t miss out on this interactive and engaging course, that everyone in your family can join, and learn from as well. Learning together as a family is always more fun!

Learning a new language is the perfect way to introduce your child to different cultures around the world and the culture of Jesus and His disciples. If you’ve been wanting to teach your child something completely new, and that will benefit them for years to come, Hebrew for Homeschoolers is the perfect choice.

Other great Kindergarten Christian Curriculum choices to consider:

Do you have a favorite Kindergarten Christian Curriculum to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.