Choosing to homeschool your children is an exciting and well-researched decision. I still remember the exact moment I knew that I was going to homeschool our children. I wanted them to experience a life full of love, education, and family without having the worry of them separating from us for over 8 hours each and every day.

Also, I knew I wanted their education to have a strong Christian influence.

I spent a lot of time looking at the Christian curriculum choices available. Truth be told, each and every one I discovered had some really great insight and structure. While I was able to narrow down what best fit both myself and our children, I do realize that each and every parent’s, curriculum needs and wants are absolutely different. In no particular order, here are my Christian curriculum choices for elementary-aged children.

5 Amazing Christian Curriculum Choices for your Elementary Child

5 Elementary Christian Curriculum Choices for Your Child

1. Hebrew for Homeschoolers

Don’t you love hearing and listening to people speak different languages? What I love about Hebrew for Homeschoolers is that it’s a program designed for children of almost any age! Seriously, Pre-K and up can take this course! Now imagine learning a language that also grows your faith! Did you know that 73% of the Bible was written in Hebrew?

Your elementary-aged child will learn how to speak Hebrew in just a few weeks with this fun and interactive program. The best part? It’s set up so that anyone in the family can join in as well. If you’ve been thinking about ways that you and your child can do more learning activities together, Hebrew for Homeschoolers may be just what you’re looking for.

Set aside time to make Hebrew for Homeschoolers part of your homeschool day. Not only is the course unique, interactive and engaging, your child is also the perfect age to be shown how large and amazing the world is. If they never knew that Hebrew was the language spoken by so many heroes of our faith, it’s the perfect time to learn it, along with loads of other interesting information as well from the Hebrew for Homeschoolers class!

Hebrew for Homeschoolers: Read, write and speak Hebrew in only 4 to 10 weeks!

2. Apologia

Not only does Apologia offer curriculum for early learners, but you can start with them and stay with them throughout your child’s entire homeschool journey. Their curriculum is written from a Biblical worldview and is structured to challenge your child.

Besides ensuring all their curriculum is presented from a biblical perspective, Apologia is the #1 publisher of Bible Curriculum and has won over 50 different awards.

With subjects like science, worldview, and language arts, your child will get an extremely well-rounded Christian education, from curriculum they look forward to each and every day. Parents and children who have used Apologia as their Christian curriculum choice, also love the variety of labs that can be completed with everyday household items.

One of my favorite things of Apologia? They also offer their amazing Bible and young elementary science curricula in audiobooks and we listen to several of them while driving.

WWB MP3 AudioBooks

3. Sonlight

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Sonlight. Their curriculum is one of the most organized and easiest to prepare that I’ve ever used. I’m not bluffing one bit when I say that I can prepare an entire week of curriculum for my children in under 5 minutes, all because of the ease of using Sonlight.

Sonlight Curriculum has been our #1 Christian curriculum choice for the past 6 years. It is perfect for the families who love to follow a Charlotte Mason education philosophy filled with living books. My favorite thing about Sonlight is how Christ-centered and mission-oriented it is.

The lessons are age-appropriate and challenging, and I love being able to spend time with my children doing activities and curriculum rather than spending my time behind the scenes creating lesson plans. Sonlight offers a one of the kind curriculum that covers with literature, history, bible, language arts and some super great math and science options as well.

5 Amazing Christian Curriculum Choices for your Elementary Child

4. Lifepac

Lifepac is an excellent Christian curriculum choice because it allows students to work at their own pace. It’s a great thing, to find homeschool curriculum, that fits your child, as well as their needs. If they need to slow it down a bit, they have that option and can do so easily.

Besides providing a great homeschool curriculum and content, Lifepac also offers tests and Christ-centered lessons. Buying one of their learning packs may be the perfect solution to getting ahead of the game and getting excited for the start of school. Lifepac curriculum focuses heavily on the Bible (old and new testament), history, language arts, math, and science and has elective options as well (accounting, art, British literature, etc.) that you can choose as a supplement if needed.

5. Monarch

Monarch is fantastic because there are flexible options to fit you and your homeschooling needs. With it’s online based learning platform, once you subscribe and sign up, you and your child will have immediate access to 50 courses in topics such as the Bible, history, geography, math, language arts, and science.

If you’re homeschooling more than one child, check out the Monarch family plan. My nephew and niece who live abroad love it. Their family plan allows up to three children to work on the same curriculum individually. If you’re homeschooling a single child, you can fine-tune the curriculum to fit your child’s learning needs.

With Monarch, you’re always in-the-know of where your child is academically, through their online platform. Parents love the ease of logging-in and using Monarch no matter where they are. Plus… Monarch has automatic grading for every lesson! Not having to spend time grading papers sounds pretty good right about now! And their price is so amazingly affordable!

Grammar Galaxy: My Favorite Language Arts Curriculum for Elementary Kids

Ok, this is not a Christian curriculum per se, but it is beautifully written by an amazing Christian homeschool mom, who is also an author, homeschool blogger, and Christian psychologist passionate about the English language. My kids and I absolutely love using Grammar Galaxy as our primary Language Arts curriculum and I know you will love it too!

Grammar will never be boring again! And this complete Language Arts curriculum is so much fun!! Imagine teaching English through engaging stories that you’re kids can’t get enough of. Then, watch them excitedly complete their given mission with every lesson.

Yes! This is an out of this world curriculum. Your kids’ books are actually mission manuals with written letters laying down the mission of their lesson and another letter at the end, congratulating them for accomplishing it. Talk about a curriculum that motivates the child!

You can read more about it here.

Other great Christian curriculum choices to consider:

With so many amazing Christian curriculum choices to choose from, there’s no way to make a “wrong” choice.

The best way to decide which is right for you is to consider which most fits your child’s needs. Starting the school year with a curriculum that not only fits your child’s educational needs but meets also their faith needs, is a perfect way of rocking the upcoming year!