I used to homeschool little ones, now I’m here sharing about high school homeschool organization. My oldest has graduated and gone on to her dream job and my youngest is starting 10th grade. I am a former high school science teacher and so high schooling is what I know. Now, after 15 years, homeschooling is what I do.

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Time Passes and Suddenly We’re Thinking about High School Homeschool Organization

I remember our homeschool was a room full of books and tables and manipulatives, and paint and crayons and posters. Today my son’s room and his desk is our homeschool.

High School Homeschool Organization

My desk in a nook is my area.

High School Homeschool Organization

So much has changed. In this post I want to share with you what I know, how I organize, what you may be doing that you don’t need to do, pressure you’re putting on yourself that you don’t need to and what Is important.

I want to share with you how I organized myself as a teacher and why.

First-year teachers are notoriously a stressed out mess because they are thrown into the fire and have to learn what’s important and what isn’t, how to organize themselves as the paperwork necessary behind the far exceeds the work necessary to teach. So I too went through the hazing, the stress, crying A LOT until after a few years I got it all organized, learned what was important and what could wait and became fully engaged with my students and gave them love I had room to give, didn’t take work home and on teacher work days was already finished with my work and could relax.

I now bring those skills into my high school homeschool organization and wanted to share them with you. There are things I see high school homeschoolers stressing over that is unnecessary and things missing that I hope you learn to include. It’s far easier than you think but oh so easy to fear the pressure and make it complicated. So let’s get to it!