I have 5 simple systems to help you organize your homeschool curriculum!

When I first started planning to homeschool, I felt overwhelmed! So much to learn in so little time. I was desperate to figure out how to best set up our homeschool — & how to make it run smoothly!

How to Organize All Your Homeschool Curriculum:

5 Systems to Help Your Homeschool Run Smoother by Raising Clovers – You are going to LOVE this post!

I go through the 5 different systems that I use to organize my ENTIRE homeschool year! These 5 systems have helped our homeschool run so much smoother!

My older kids use this system to work independently (making it easier for me to work with my pre-readers & toddlers). I hope this post blesses your family!

I have tried various systems through the years as we’ve been homeschooling. Some things worked, other things flopped big time, & other things just needed a bit of tweaking. ?

Well, I’ve finally found a great way to organize our homeschool curriculum. I know you will love it! You can always tweak it to make it work for your family if you need to.

Organizing Your Homeschool Curriculum

I’ve created a video that walks you through all 5 of my homeschool organizational systems. I’ll briefly list them below along with the supplies you will need to get things set up.

Can I just say for the record that System #1 is going to rock your world? Well, it is! I’ve shared this with so many friends, & we all agree NOTHING makes our homeschool run better than this.

So, are you ready? I know so many of you have been asking for this post and video! I’m so excited to share it with you!

Okay, without further adieu — Here is System #1! Be sure to watch the video below for the full details!


Overview: You are going to love this! Basically, I organize our ENTIRE year in this crate! I sort it by week for each kiddo. I assign each child a color (I color code my kids with so many things).

Then, are you ready for this? I tear apart almost all of our workbooks! Shocking! I know! I don’t care if it’s bound. I tear it apart and section it out by the appropriate number for pages for each week! Trust me, you’ll thank me later!


Here is a video that gives you a glimpse of this 5 steps homeschool curriculum organization system!

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Now that you have had a glimpse of my homeschool curriculum organization system, I can wait for you to see step-by-step how to use systems #2 to #5!


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