Not happy with your homeschool planner?

Homeschool planning, it SHOULD fill us with a sense of peace, knowing that we are going to be organizing lesson plans and goals for the week/month or year. Instead, it often fills us with dread or just feeling completely overwhelmed. I talk a lot about planning on my blog. I share pictures and videos of my bullet journaling, my Traveler’s Notebook, my custom inserts. And I can feel people’s eyes glazing over. It’s all too much!

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The planning world is SO overwhelming! Everyone is doing something different, every planner is “THE BEST” and it is honestly enough ladies! The time has come to take back planning! The time has come to make it work for YOU! And I am going to tell you exactly how to do that. Without an expensive planner, without a lot of time, without being artistic or spending a fortune on stickers and washi tape (wait, what IS that?!?!?!). Are you ready?

Make your own homeschool planner: step 1

The first thing you need to do is get a notebook and a pen. I could tell you all about my custom made Traveler’s Notebook and inserts, but here’s the thing… all you really need is paper that is put together. You can staple together paper, you can string together paper, you can tape together paper, you can have paper in a binder: IT DON’T MATTER! I don’t want to tell you how to make a beautiful planner, I want to focus on function. And to be functional, ALL you need is paper, held together in some fashion, and a pen. Again, use a ballpoint, or even a pencil! The custom, unique, high-quality stuff can come down the road after you have designed a planning system that is consistent and useful and you can’t live without!

Make your own homeschool planner: step 2

The next thing you need to do is CLICK HERE or on the image below to read the full article! I know I know, it’s annoying, I’m interrupting your brain. I mean, really guys, I’m interrupting my brain right now. But I PROMISE you it will be worth it! I have planner pictures for you, inspiration, ideas, and even an info on how to get a custom made homeschool planner, tailored to YOU (that’s right, I will custom make you a planner…). So dry your tears, pour another cup of joe, and come on over and say hi on my blog!