6 Hacks for Year-Long Homeschool Curriculum Organization

No matter how you homeschool, there are always materials to be kept in order.  So much paper.  So. many. books.  (Well, I mean, if you’re at my house, there are more books than a library.)  So many craft supplies.  You need to keep all that stuff on hand because you just might need it, but you also have to keep the stuff you absolutely are going to use this year separate from the extra.

Whether you follow a curriculum of your own devising, like I do, or you purchase someone else’s, you have to be able to just grab that stuff each morning and get busy.  And you have to make sure you know where that stuff is all year long.

What, oh what, is a homeschooling mama to do?

I’ve been at this a while, and I’ve learned some tricks.  Though my classroom is pretty much walled in bookshelves, not all of them are books I need for this year.  Seriously, this year’s books could get swallowed up in there and I could spend half the morning searching for what we need.  We can’t have that, my friend.  We need to be organized.  Even if you don’t have a separate classroom for your homeschool, you can use some of these tricks.

Curriculum organization hack #1

The very first trick I learned (and still use 7 years later) was to get a bin to keep next to each of the boys’ chairs.  These bins hold their individual everyday books.  Notebooks, binders, math books, writing practice, personal dictionaries—that type of thing.  These are just the books and writing materials each uses himself.  It is so much easier to have them grab what they need out of these bins every day. But that’s just the simplest hack.  Head over to Lit Mama Homeschool to see 5 more ways to keep things together (and keep your sanity) all year long.