Oh, homeschool digital files! If you are like most homeschoolers, you have saved, pinned, or downloaded your fair share of homeschool digital files along the way. If you are like some of us, you may have a few hundred (or… ahem, thousand) files on your computer or external hard drive.

Homeschool Digital Files

While it is terrific to download those freebies and gems, do you actually use them?

Anyone else a teensy bit overwhelmed with all of the homeschool digital files you have collected?

I came up with a system that can help you streamline all of your homeschool digital files so you can actually find what you need quickly and use what you have collected!

Want to see it?

I took a screen shot, so here we go!

Homeschool Digital Files

First, let’s create 7 main folders for each category of homeschooling:

When we create these 7 main folders, it allows us to sort digital files into broad categories first.  Easy-peasy, right?

Once we have these 7 categories, we can quickly sort files according to what area they apply to in our homeschooling.

I really like this type of organizing task because it doesn’t make a huge mess of papers on the floor, AND I can work with my feet propped up, too!

Now, for some of you, just sorting your homeschool digital files into these main categories is enough. For those of you like me who might be a little OCD on organization, we can take this sort to the next level! 😀

If you have been following me for a while, you know that there are several “parts” to teaching each of the traditional subjects of language arts, math, science, social studies. This can be a source of overwhelm for homeschoolers because it is easy to want to find a separate curriculum for each of them (but totally NOT necessary as I teach in my Thrive Homeschooling Academy).

To deal with that overwhelm, you can create subfolders under each subject to help you sort your digital resources more specifically. I even have them all listed out for you on my website!

Why sorting your Homeschool Digital Files?

Sorting by subfolders can really save you time and money in the long run. You will quickly see how many resources you already have for each area, so you will know if you really need to buy more or you already have plenty of options. We all can appreciate that, right?

Want to see how I break down these categories even further? Click here to read the rest of my homeschool digital files organization tips and see screen shots of each category’s subfolders.

Oh, and be sure to check out how I organize my pins of 90 boards on Pinterest, too:

Homeschool Digital Files
Your Turn: How do you like to organize your digital files? Please share with us in the comments!