I’m going, to be honest with you right from the get go…I almost didn’t write this post about no-nonsense organization tips.

The thought of writing about how we organize our homeschool was almost laughable to me because it is so no-frills and just plain ordinary that I thought, Who would ever be interested in our utterly no-nonsense organization plan? But then I realized that I surely can’t be the only homeschool parent who truly needs something that is easy, affordable, and not time-consuming.

5 No-Nonsense Organization Tips for a No-Nonsense Homeschool

I love reading about and watching tutorials about fancy homeschool organization techniques, but they just wouldn’t work for me. I’ve got 11 kids, and, frankly, I’ve learned to forego the “pretty” portion of where we put all of our homeschool “stuff” and have settled for just being satisfied with knowing exactly where everything is when I need it.

On top of that, we don’t have a school room. All of our homeschool supplies are kept in the dining room, so as tempting as the workbox system and other nifty ideas sound, I simply don’t have the room for it.

So right now you’re probably wondering how I do keep things in place since I’ve already addressed how I don’t. Without further ado, here are:

My 5 Non-Nonsense Organization Tips for a No-Nonsense Homeschool

  1. Bins, crates, and totes.

I have what used to be considered an “art table” in our dining room that is now just referred to as the “supply table” because it holds the vast majority of our homeschool supplies. Remember- I’m not concerned with the eye-catching decor. I just need to keep things neat and in a place where they can always be found. The best solution I’ve come up with is crates and dollar store bins.

I have one crate for the library books, one for extra supplies and our planners, a bin for my youngest group of kids, and a crate for my middle group of kids.

Since we only use textbooks for language arts and math and unit studies for the rest, the number of folders and notebooks my kids have is minimal. The bin for my younger kids holds their folders for our unit study activity sheets, notebooks for phonics and math, their devotional, and whatever the current read-aloud is.

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