Homeschooling without a schoolroom? No problem!

We don’t have a “schoolroom” either.

You can walk through every room in my home, and you will not see any alphabet posters, 100’s charts, or “learning centers”. It’s quite possible that a complete stranger could take a walk through my home and not even know that we homeschool!

Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom - You CAN homeschool without a dedicated homeschool room without your home being consumed with the mess of homeschooling!

It’s pretty important to me that our home looks like, well, a home. I’ve not once in my life felt at home in a classroom, so why would I want one in  my home?

Now, you may not have the same kind of feelings about classrooms that I do, and you may really like the convenience of having a dedicated room for your homeschool. You don’t need me to tell you that whatever works for you is wonderful! But for me personally, I’ve pretty much no interest in having one in our home. Unless I can have Ann Voskamp’s. Have you seen her schoolroom? 

So, if we’re homeschooling without a schoolroom, where do we homeschool?

Pretty much everywhere!

The bulk of our homeschooling happens on the couch (read aloud and morning time) or the dining room table, but the whole house is fair game. Sometimes Math is taken upstairs to a bedroom for a quiet place to work without distraction. Reading happens in just about every room of the house (I have yet to find anyone reading in the laundry room). In good weather, books and work have even made an appearance at the top of our play structure in the backyard!

I know that you’re probably wondering where we keep all our “homeschooling stuff” if we don’t have a particular room to contain it all. And if we homeschool everywhere, isn’t our whole house filled with the mess of homeschooling?

Well, I’d like to tell you about what I consider to be the most awesome homeschool storage solution ever – our Homeschool Storage Nook! This one awesome storage solution has made all the difference in our homeschool!

Our storage nook helps us to homeschool without a schoolroom AND without having our home look like a school or be overrun with art supplies, books, and other clutter.  Head over to Learning Mama to see how we use our Homeschool Storage Nook to provide easy access to supplies for my kiddos while hiding away any unsightly mess, as well as a few other tricks we use to maintain a homey atmosphere while educating our children at home!