Did you know you can outsource your homeschool? Yep, you can! And I’m about to tell you a few homeschool mom’s best kept secrets and what are the best Christian curriculum options to help you out big time!

Friend, breathe relief, and rest assure that you don’t have to teach everything on your own. Outsourcing my homeschool has been the key to a peaceful and stress-free homeschool journey for me. And you can have a restful homeschool year-round, too!

As homeschool parents, we tend to think we have to do everything ourselves. The very thought of outsourcing our homeschool can even sound strange. And if we do take a moment to consider it, the mom’s guilt for not “tackling it all” creeps in. Thoughts like “why did I choose to homeschool if I can’t even handle it?” run through our minds.

But what we fail to realize is that God doesn’t say our ‘why’ for homeschooling has to incorporate us being “all things” to our kids. The truth is that doing everything by ourselves can easily lead to overwhelm and homeschool mom burnout which none of us want for our families. God also loves to use others’ gifts, talents and abilities to help us teach and grow our children.

So how can we remain true to our ‘why’ and yet take steps to prevent burnout from happening? By learning how to outsource your homeschool. 

What Does Outsourcing Homeschool Curriculum Mean?

Outsourcing your homeschool means using an option, other than the parents, for teaching a certain subject. For instance, many homeschool families are already outsourcing extracurricular activities. Some examples would be learning an instrument, gymnastics, dance, art, karate, or horseback riding. All of those are technically outsourced if you as the parent are not teaching them yourself.  But then we get to the core subjects and we get nervous. Outsourcing core subjects like Math, Science, or English seems different. But if you really think about it, there isn’t actually a difference.

When outsourcing your homeschooling you are still in full control of your child’s education. Many Christians are also concerned about choosing a Christian curriculum to make sure it’s taught from the Christian worldview. The beautiful thing is this can be done with outsourcing.

From the curriculum choices and schedule down to choosing the teacher or program that will teach them, you are in control. And as an added bonus, if your homeschooling goals include offering your child the best education possible, utilizing the strengths of another instructor who is passionate and highly skilled in that subject can be amazing!

The question many homeschool moms ask is “Can I hire someone to homeschool for me?”

The answer is a resounding yes. I want to encourage you today that whether you decide to outsource one subject or many, you have some wonderful options. You don’t need to be the only teacher in your homeschool. You can still be fully involved. As parents, you can still be in control of your child’s education when outsourcing homeschool. You just need to know your options!

How to Outsource Your Homeschool With Christian Curriculum

Once you determine which subjects you are going to outsource, you need to look for a curriculum that will best suit your needs. Whether it’s a Christian homeschool curriculum with videos, online homeschool classes, and programs, or LIVE interactive online homeschool classes you can choose a great fit for your family.

Homeschool parents can often rule out outsourcing classes for their students due to cost, however, there are some affordable options available to consider! We will list our favorites below!

One last important piece to consider in outsourcing your homeschool is community. As homeschool moms, we know the value of community. There are two types of community that are incredibly valuable to those who outsource homeschooling. Homeschool Co-ops and online communities like The Homeschool Sisterhood.

Homeschool co-ops can be a great way to get to know and learn with other homeschool families. Some co-ops require parents to take turns teaching the kids and others hire professional teachers instead. Just make sure you know your time investment and choose one that is the best fit for your family.

In the online space, my favorite way to outsource homeschooling is with The Homeschool Sisterhood!

The Homeschool Sisterhood is a membership program completely off social media, carefully designed to help you follow a homeschool success path without distractions and with amazing support from other homeschool moms. 

Our membership program is not designed to be one more thing on your plate but to actually help you to remove all the unnecessary weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders.

The Homeschool Sisterhood gives moms at least, two hours per week to rest while we teach their kids! Our goal is to help you spend less time on social media, have more clarity, and laser-focus, so you can spend a lot more time with your family!

How To Outsource Your Homeschool With The Homeschool Sisterhood

Every month we will focus on a specific topic and you will have access to:

  • Habit Training
  • Bible Study for Kids & Teens
  • Apologetics Book Clubs for Moms, Kids, and Teens
  • Friday Feasts: learn about artists, composers, poets, and more!
  • Storytime for Littles
  • Online Co-op
  • LEGO Building Challenges
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Weekly Mentorship

You will also have access to special discounts on all future resources and events. Lots of subjects are covered to help you outsource your homeschool and you, as a mom, get full support from other like-minded moms! Make sure to click here to see everything included in The Homeschool Sisterhood Monthly Membership and join the waitlist today!

What is the best Christian online homeschool curriculum for outsourcing?

Here’s a list of our best Christian homeschool curriculum for outsourcing our homeschool. The methods of learning vary. Some of the options are; online courses, audiobooks, learning through online games, LIVE online classes or a combination of physical books and printable resources along with videos. Take a look through the curriculum choices for outsourcing below and click to visit their site for all of the details, samples, or assessments they may offer!

Extra Curriculars

Rooted Music Online

Rooted Music creates a safe environment where students are able to gain an individually tailored, deeper musical understanding through purposeful teaching and community. Explore the options below!

My kids have also taken their hymn course and the Christmas Tutorials too. Try a lesson FREE!

Music in Our Homeschool

We have taken too many of Gena Mayo’s courses to list them all here. My girls are currently taking Singing Made Easy ~ Level 1 and we’re also members of Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Click here to sign up now!

Our favorite music course is a Year of Charlotte Mason Music Lessons online course that provides you with a gentle way to do music in your homeschool, the Charlotte Mason way! Two Year’s Worth of Lessons is Now Included! Each month, you’ll focus on two things: Composer Study and either a Folk Song or a Hymn. I also, highly recommend her Shakespeare Introductory Course.

Visit Music in Our Homeschool and check out the huge options of courses and lessons available for elementary thru high school!

Get the Sampler Music Appreciation Mini-Course here for free.

Kids Cook Real Food

As they say on their site “We Teach Kids To Cook So Your Family Can THRIVE With Healthy Food” My kids love these cooking lessons! They know how to safely chop vegetables, cook meals in the Instant Pot, make snacks and many meals from scratch.

Visit their site and get ready to build connection, confidence, and creativity for your kids (and even save time) all while outsourcing your homeschooling.

Masterpiece Society – NOW OPEN!!!

Art is a beautiful example of a subject to outsource in your homeschool! The Masterpiece Society Studio – is an art membership site in which you can have access to ALL the courses they’ve created for kids and teens – hundreds of lessons – at any time of the year, day or night – without having to plan a single one!

Masterpiece Society Studio is an online art membership that provides the tools and inspiration for families to create meaningful family art experiences. It takes the guesswork out of choosing which materials to use and how best to approach each artwork project by providing step-by-step instructions for creating tons of beautiful masterpieces. 

You will have access to ALL the courses they’ve created for kids & teens – hundreds of lessons – at any time of the year, day or night – without having to plan a single one! 

My kids have been taking Miss Alisha’s art courses for years and we just love it! She makes learning about art hands-on and so much fun!

She truly helps parents find confidence in their creative abilities so they can spend more time enjoying quality time making art together with their kids!

Bible Study and Character Curriculum

Hebrew for Homeschoolers

Don’t you love hearing and listening to people speak different languages?

What I love about Hebrew for Homeschoolers is that it’s a program designed for children of almost any age! Seriously, Pre-K and up can take this course! Now imagine learning a language that also grows your faith! Did you know that 73% of the Bible was written in Hebrew?

Your elementary-aged child will learn how to speak Hebrew in just a few weeks with this fun and interactive program. The best part? It’s set up so that anyone in the family can join in as well. If you’ve been thinking about ways that you and your child can do more learning activities together, Hebrew for Homeschoolers may be just what you’re looking for.

Set aside time to make Hebrew for Homeschoolers part of your homeschool day. Not only is the course unique, interactive, and engaging, your child is also the perfect age to be shown how large and amazing the world is. If they never knew that Hebrew was the language spoken by so many heroes of our faith, it’s the perfect time to learn it, along with loads of other interesting information as well from the Hebrew for Homeschoolers class!

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis’ homeschool curriculum, apologetics books, DVDs, Videos, and more have created a movement of people equipped to defend a young-earth, 6-day-creation model, and the literal inerrancy of Scripture.

Using documentaries and courses in DVDs is a clever way to outsource your homeschool.

Also, one of my favorites is Answers in Genesis All-in-One Pilgrim’s Progress Combo Pack. This is a very powerful curriculum to help your kids grow in their faith!

Not Consumed Bible Studies

Not Consumed has a variety of Bible Study products we love. If navigate and view the “courses and classes” section, they also have digital courses, challenges, and masterclasses that will fit great into your outsourcing goal!

Our favorite Not Consumed Bible studies so far are:

  • To Every Nation (If you love missionary stories this is for you!)
  • A Content Heart
  • Fruit of the Tongue
  • My Brother’s Keeper (we’re doing this one right now!)

Character Curriculum

Character Concepts has a variety of character curriculum available for your family. From Uncle Rick’s Audio club to digital character resources they have lots of tools available!

This year, we’re using their Growing in Wisdom Curriculum. Check out their resources here.

Favorite Christian Homeschool Curriculum to Outsource Your Homeschool

Outsource Your Homeschool With The Mystery of History Online Classes

If you are looking for an amazing Christian History Homeschool Curriculum, The Mystery of History is what you need! This has been one of our favorite ways to outsource our homeschool this year!

The Mystery of History homeschool history curriculum by Linda Lacour Hobar teaches homeschoolers world history from a young-earth Christian perspective, & encourages children to see how the Gospel of Jesus is the mystery behind all of history!

My kids absolutely love The Mystery of History and Linda Lacour Hobar is such an amazing teacher!

You know World History is important in defending
Faith, Freedom, and Family!

Best Christian History Curriculum to Outsource Your Homeschool

Outsource Your Homeschool With Apologia Science

Not only does Apologia offer a curriculum for early learners, but you can start with them and stay with them throughout your child’s entire homeschool journey. Their curriculum is written from a Biblical worldview and is structured to challenge your child.

Besides ensuring all their curriculum is presented from a biblical perspective, Apologia is the #1 publisher of Bible Curriculum and has won over 50 different awards. With subjects like science, worldview, and language arts, your child will get an extremely well-rounded Christian education, from the curriculum they look forward to each and every day. Parents and children who have used Apologia as their Christian curriculum choice, also love the variety of labs that can be completed with everyday household items.

Apologia now offer amazing online courses! You can choose between:

  • Apologia Self-Paced
  • Life Online Classes
  • Video On Demand

One of my favorite things about Apologia? They also offer their amazing Bible and young elementary science curricula in audiobooks and we listen to several of them while driving through 30 states last year!

Best Christian Science Curriculum to Outsource Your Homeschool

Best Christian Curriculum for Language Arts and Writing

IEW: Institute for Excellence in Writing

The best days of our homeschool are our writing days! My kids love Mr. Pudewa so much! All I need to do is pop in the DVD and enjoy watching my kids loving their writing lessons. Andrew Pudewa is a fantastic teacher and his jokes are hilarious!

IEW’s unique approach provides the structure that students need to develop confidence in the writing process, while gradually guiding them toward greater independence and creativity.

Learning to write well is much like learning to paint or play an instrument: it is an art. Thus, it is easier to be shown how to use the Structure and Style® writing method. Andrew Pudewa is an engaging, humorous teacher who models closely each step of the writing process—from outlines to summaries, stories, reports, and more.

The student materials contain everything you need to teach your students to write.

  • Videos (either DVD or streaming)
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student Binder
  • Student Packet of class handouts

All you need to provide is paper, a pen, and a way to show the video lessons.

We use several of IEW curricula in our homeschool. Grab 3 weeks of FREE Language Arts Lessons and more on this page!

Best Christian Curriculum to Outsource Your Homeschool with IEW Free Lessons

Outsource With Online Christian Curriculum

Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom has a variety of Homeschool video curriculum that’s fun for students and easy for moms—all from a Christian worldview! With the Compass Classroom Membership, you can make homeschooling easy. Access an entire library of homeschooling classes on any device for just $39/month.

We have been members of Compass Classroom for at least two years and have enjoyed many of their courses. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Devotional Biology
  • Who is God? Apologetics Course.
  • Visual Latin
  • Word Up! The Vocab Show
  • Beyond Is Genesis History Courses
  • Dave Raymond’s Courses

Try it out for 1 week FREE!


Monarch has flexible options to fit you and your homeschooling needs. With its online-based learning platform, once you subscribe and sign up, you and your child will have immediate access to 50 courses in topics such as the Bible, history, geography, math, language arts, and science.

If you’re homeschooling more than one child, check out the Monarch family plan. My nephew and niece who live abroad just graduated high school using it and they loved it. Their family plan allows up to three children to work on the same curriculum individually. If you’re homeschooling a single child, you can fine-tune the curriculum to fit your child’s learning needs.

With Monarch, you’re always in the know of where your child is academically, through their online platform. Parents love the ease of logging in and using Monarch no matter where they are. Plus… Monarch has automatic grading for every lesson! Not having to spend time grading papers sounds pretty good right about now! And their price is so amazingly affordable!

Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy provides homeschoolers with a way to give students a quality education without hours of planning! Gain more family time and receive all the benefits of homeschooling without the burden of doing everything yourself. Expert teachers draw on their years of experience (and their love for students!) to make difficult concepts simple, motivate students to do their best, and make all students feel like they’re part of the class.

The video teacher addresses “boys and girls watching” to include your children in the classroom; they will also have a turn to participate in the games, contests, and drills. While enjoying the fun and expanded learning of the classroom experience, your children will have the benefit of your one-on-one guidance at home as you listen to them read and check their work.

The prerecorded video lessons give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule, and you have a full 12 months to complete the 170 lessons, which take less than a half-day each. Since the lessons are pre-recorded you can do school anytime, anywhere!

While I haven’t personally used Abeka, my best friend does and speaks highly of it. She also grew up being homeschooled with Abeka Curriculum.

How to Choose the Best Christian Curriculum for Outsourcing Your Homeschool

Mom, we know that as you learn how to outsource your homeschool with a Christian curriculum there will be ups and downs. This list is provided to help you get a solid start in your journey. Make sure you give yourself grace and be willing to be flexible. There is always an option that will fit your family best, you might just have to explore a bit to find it!

Let us know, what subject will you outsource in your homeschool?

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