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What a week! Thanksgiving celebration, Black Friday deals, First day of Advent, Christmas is coming!!

What is Blessed MOMdays?

Blessed MOMdays is a weekly link up party with the purpose to bring our online community together as we encourage each other in our motherhood journey through blog posts from different mom blogs. It is also your opportunity to peek into my busy life and see all I’ve been up to each week!

My heart’s desire is that you will be blessed through this link up party posts with inspiration, encouragement and ideas on how to grow in your faith, marriage, family, homeschool, homemaking, career, healthy living habits and so on.

Blessed MOMdays

This week in this blessed life of mine:

It’s the first Sunday of Advent!!! YAY!! We just started Abraham’s Advent at our Bible Journaling community on Facebook today but you can still jump in and join us! I’m looking forward to our daily devotional and discussions on the group. Our Bible Journaling Club has grown to 238 members as of today!! What a blessing!

I just came back from our annual Christmas banquet and watched my little girl singing Mary Did You Know with her father – absolutely fabulous! I’m so proud of her. 🙂 You can watch it below!

I’m glad Black Friday is gone because I hate Black Friday! It sucks the gratitude out of our Thanksgiving celebration but I still like real good deals so I waited for the craziness to pass to shop online only and shared some of my best findings with my readers here.

Are you exhausted striving for homeschool perfection? I have a message for you and you need to read it!

This week I’m having a pre-launch and sale on my Grow Your Blog Party in 30 days e-course. It’s so exciting to see people signing up for the course already! 😀 Students who sign up before Tuesday (11/29) will have a free live webinar and Q&A with me – all about blog growth and how to grow 3 to 10x your blog traffic in 30 days! 😀

Now let’s get to the party !

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Blessed MOMdays

#1 – 6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Do Their Own Laundry

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Blessed MOMdays

#3 – 100 Reasons to Homeschool Your ADHD Child

-There’s No Place Like Home- 

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Blessed MOMdays

150+ Dr. Seuss Gifts for Kids

-Year Round Homeschooling

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