I am so thrilled to be a part of 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling.
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There are so many reasons why I Love Homeschooling but there is one reason that is super-important to us. It’s investing in our children’s education. I get to choose where my money goes when it comes to our children’s education. I Love That!

31 Reasons We Love Homeschool Blog Party. So many valuable reasons to love our homeschooling journeys.

I am asked quite often how we can afford to homeschool while living on one income. This question baffles me sometimes, but quite frankly, I don’t get upset because people ask questions when they don’t understand something. Right?

If the opportunity isn’t conducive to the long answer than I just simply say “it’s a sacrifice but it’s a sacrifice we are happy to be making.”

If I am fortunate enough to get into a full conversation and discussion (yes, it definitely leads to a discussion) I dive in with both feet.

I am more than happy to explain how I try my very hardest to keep our homeschool on a budget. How we use resources like the library for fantastic literature or how sometimes I work on creating my own curriculum from resources I find on the internet along with purchasing curriculum that I know will be beneficial for our kids. Let me not forget to mention the Umbrella School we are a part of. But, there is so much more to where our money goes and what we spend on our children’s education.

I gently remind those I am in conversation with that if our children were in public school there are expenses that I would have to account for, as well. There’s the cost of uniforms (if the school required) or new school clothes every year. {Of course we have to buy new clothes anyway but I can do that throughout the year. Not for all of our kids all at the same time of the year.} Then there’s the supplies that the public schools request you buy. Not just for your child but extra supplies for others in the class. Keeping in mind that this is times 3 for us since we have 3 children. There are also extras throughout the year such as, book fairs, class snacks, field trips, sports, extra curricular activities, and more. There’s also school lunches. Our children would have to buy their lunches or be sent with a bagged lunch. Some might think “ummm…don’t you eat lunch when you homeschool?” Why yes! Yes we do! We have the luxury of heating up and eating left overs at home. This eliminates having to buy specific food for lunches in our home.

I am not at all implying that I would spend more if I sent our children to public school, I am simply stating that sending kids to public school isn’t free.

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

One of the reasons I love homeschooling is because I get to create a budget for education. I get to choose where to spend our money on the education of our choice.

We get to shop for the perfect curriculum and education materials that tailor to each child’s interests and learning styles. My children are not all the same so we don’t buy a one-size-fits-all curriculum for them. We cater to their individual needs. This is super important to us. We can buy the supplies that I know we will use and need.

Whether our education budget is larger or smaller than those of public school families, I love the fact that I am purchasing our children’s education. Choosing where our money goes. Choosing how we educate our kids.

This is just a fraction of why I Love Homeschooling but it is an important factor for us.

So if anyone asks you how you afford homeschooling you can assure them you simply budget for it to suite your family and that you invest in your child’s education the same way you would invest in a public school education.

What about you? Do you like knowing where your education investment is going?

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