Your best homeschool year is just around the corner! Check out these tips to make it happen!

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…being a homeschool parent is hard work! And every year, each and every one of us put that pressure on ourselves to make certain that we are going to have the best homeschool year ever.

After many years of homeschooling, I feel like I’ve found out a few tips and tricks along the way that actually make each new year the ultimate best homeschool year ever, and guess what, my friends? I’m going to share a few of those tips with you as well!

6 Simple Secrets to Having Your Best Homeschool Year

Here are 6 Simple Secrets to Help Make this Year be the Best Homeschool Year Ever

• Start with you.

Why not get the toughest part done and over with right out of the gate? Often times, what limits the curriculum and the studies from progressing can often be traced back to the teacher…and in that case, that would be us, the homeschool parent.

Now before you start being too hard on yourself, understand that you are also the reason why your homeschool is thriving and doing a great job as well! BUT, in order for this to truly be the best homeschool ever, you need to understand that you must have the right mind frame that works best for you and your children.

Homeschooling is also about teamwork and when you can find a way to work together and still have fun doing so, you know that you’ve found success.

• Set clear goals for your homeschool.

Goals are life. Without having goals set, you have no true direction or balance. And if you don’t have balance, then that means that everything and everyone around you feels that effect as well. As the teacher, you are the leader. It’s super important to take the time to set down and write out your homeschooling goals for the year. Trust me when I say that you’ll feel a huge relief taken off your shoulders knowing that you have an awesome plan of action that will lead you down the path towards your best homeschool year ever.

• Communicate with your children.

Remember that teamwork comment that I made a little bit ago? Yeah, it’s super-duper important. In order to be successful in homeschooling, you have to be able to communicate effectively with your child. And even more than that? You have to be able to listen as well. Your wants and needs may be entirely different from your child’s. And it’s important to listen to them because their drive and energy for each and every day is also imperative for the future success of your homeschooling classroom and curriculum.

• Be organized.

There is nothing more frustrating than wasting portions of your day chasing your tail and trying to find items that you “misplaced”. It not only frustrates you, but it’s distracting to everyone around you as well.

Truthfully, the term “organized chaos” is something that people say when they want to appear organized but truly have no idea where certain things are… Don’t be that teacher! Plus, there are a ton of truly inexpensive items out there that you can use to create organization within your homeschool space. There is no need to break the bank trying to stay organized.

We have great posts on homeschool organization for you:

• Understand your child and the way that they learn.

It’s absolutely 100% true that each person learns differently. Education isn’t a one size fits all type of lesson, and to ensure that you have your best homeschool year ever, take the time to really assess how your child learns and what environment they thrive in. Are they a visual learner or are they more hands-on? Do they prefer to write or type? Simple things to find out but the answers to them can really help them in their education!

• Set a daily routine not a schedule.

Help yourself and your children plan ahead and have a routine so that everyone knows the gist of what is going to be happening when. You can break it up by the hour, the day, by sections of morning, afternoon and evening, or whatever works best for you and your homeschoolers. The great thing about a routine is that it takes away the unexpected.

With these simple tips, you may find that having the best homeschool year ever is totally within your ability. Above all, remember the true reason for you wanting to homeschool in the first place. Allow those positive thoughts and emotions to be your grounding point and guiding light in everything that you do and every choice that you make. You may find that these suggested tips can truly help you succeed in having your best homeschool year ever!

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