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Bringing school into the home was never an option in my mind. After all I grew up Homeschooled so my Mom had taken care of the step most Homeschool families take, setting up desks for school. That was Kindergarten, it didn’t take long until we realized school would happen in the dining room, living room couch or even outside. The desks became history in my family’s homeschool.

I didn’t need to repeat whole desk thing for my littles.

We got to start off with our Homeschool feeling like Home, not like school. It would never feel like school to my kids because I don’t even know what school is like! The importance of keeping our Homeschool space feeling like Home has always been close to my heart.

When we finished our off our basement a few years ago, we planned to have one big playroom with a small corner dedicated to our homeschool space. The rest of it is a place for my kids to create, imagine, play and simply be at home.

As I imagined what this space would be for our family I thought of the 80/20 rule. I wanted to keep our room about 80% Home and 20% school. Having a pleasant atmosphere in our home is extremely important to me as a Mom and that doesn’t stop when school starts. I still didn’t feel like I quite had this down before this school year so I added a few things to our homeschool space and worked more on organization than I had before. When things are organized it helps the whole flow of our day go better! Here are a few things I thought of as I worked towards my goal for a space that would have the feeling of home, as well as the efficiency we needed for our homeschool.

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