Wondering if Charlotte Mason Education is right for you and your family? You’ll find some great tips and information here to help you decide!

If you’ve been following along in our families homeschooling journey, you know that I’m a fan of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. So much a fan that we have adopted this practice and use it in our own studies on a daily basis.

And most of you also know that we’ve tried out quite a few different homeschooling programs along the way. While all were good in their own right, they just didn’t offer the entire approach that Charlotte Mason does.

Do you want to know if a Charlotte Mason homeschool approach will work for you? Here are 10 reasons why I love and I am happy with our choice to proceed.

Here Are The 10 Things I Love About A Charlotte Mason Education

Honestly, I can probably have way more than 10 here, but I know by the time you get through this list, you’ll get the big picture idea of why we have found great success in using this homeschooling method.

  • Lessons are short and sweet

This works so well for our active family lifestyle. Short and sweet lessons are more fun and keep everyone engaged. It keeps their attention span better than long, drawn out lesson plans. It’s easy on me and on them as well.

Getting back into your homeschooling routine no matter how long or short a homeschool break can be challenging, these 3 tips can help you ease back into it!
  • It teaches children how to express themselves using communication

Let’s face it…when you’re little in a world full of big people, it can be overwhelming to find the words and confidence to say anything. But with this learning method, children are taught how to listen and speak confidently back about the topic at home. Not only does this improve their social skills but it teaches them to speak loudly and proudly as well.

  • Children are educated as a whole person

Their entire mind, soul, and spirit are educated with each and every lesson. Reading the words, using them in real life, being outside and learning with nature… Every part of their mind and body are used to continue to build their mind and knowledge.

  • Encourages Outdoor Activities

I can’t tell you how many lessons we’ve had outdoors and the kids have absolutely loved it. It is possible to learn all about life and further their education when not confined to a room with four walls.

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Even more reasons why I love a Charlotte Mason education:

  • It uses “Living Books” instead of traditional textbooks

Living books are great are written by real people who are doing real things right now. While that’s not to say you can’t get a great education from textbooks, being able to meet and communicate with others who have lived a truly remarkable life is a wonderful aspect of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling lesson plan as well.

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  • It allows our family to be together

Unlike some other homeschooling programs, we don’t have to split up for different learning lessons. We’re all about to learn together and talk about what we’ve seen and thought.

  • The Charlotte Mason Method has improved our communication skills as a family

It’s given us more conversations and more time together to just “be”. We’ve had conversations about books, animals and learning lessons that we never would have had without this type of education.

  • We no longer feel stress due to “time”

If you’re taught homeschooling before, you know that it’s a lot of scheduling and planning to fit it all in. With this learning method, it’s not like that at all. You’re free to do what you can and want to during the day and it just allows everyone to relax and settle into a nice, stress-free day.

  • Learning about art and music are a focus

I love that the kids are learning more about music and art because of the Charlotte Mason method. We look at art pieces and talk about them, start our day listening to some awesome music or even just go outside and see what art we can discover in nature.

Getting back into your homeschooling routine no matter how long or short a homeschool break can be challenging, these 3 tips can help you ease back into it!
  • Our children are learning how to spell without relying on electronics to correct them

We’re probably all guilty of this, but spelling words is a key foundation for learning! Instead of letting autocorrect fix every little thing, we take the time to really understand the true spelling of each and every word.

In Conclusion: There Are So Many Reasons To Love A Charlotte Mason Education

And while these are 10 things I love a Charlotte Mason education, there are honestly so many more that I could list. It offers our family the gift of time, communication and values and I honestly wouldn’t change any of it for the world. It has given me a restful homeschool and my children a love for learning,

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Learn all about a Charlotte Mason Education at our 1st Charlotte Mason Online Conference! June 24-28
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If you use the Charlotte Mason education method, what do you love most about it?