How can I say I hate Black Friday, right? I know, I know. Hate is a strong word, maybe I shouldn’t say hate, maybe I should say I really don’t like it! Here is why I say I hate it and I think you will agree with me…

black friday

I think Black Friday sucks all the gratitude we exercised all November long getting ready for our Thanksgiving celebration. It doesn’t make sense to me at all that after a day where we should be grateful for everything and content with all we have, we wake up the next morning hitting the ground running to go buy more STUFF! Seriously???

Am I the only one who feels like that? Are we really thankful for what we have? I hope we are.

Yes, I know the best deals happens on Black Friday, or do they?

But let us just digest the turkey first, shall we? Let us enjoy the time with the family, wash the dishes, put the house back in order… I am even grateful for the mess and the dishes when the family is gathered together! 😉

My husband and I strive to stay debt free so we plan carefully our shopping and only buy what we need. Yes, we are frugal and we have to be. It is a blessing to have been married for almost 10 years and be debt free! We married with no debt, to be honest, I never had a student loan! I worked hard during all my 11 years of college to pay for my own education.

There are two areas we are not so frugal I have to admit: healthy foods and education. We still keep a budget for both – no need to overspend, right? We believe investing in these two areas are a priority in our lives.

Is Black Friday just a way to trick us into buying more?

Black Friday can trick us to believe that if we don’t get it now, we’re toasted as my 8-year-old would say! LOL For some things, yes, he is right. For others, I’m not so sure… The DSRL camera I’m in love with and it has been on my wishlist for 2 years was still $599 even though it was advertised as a door-buster.

Good thing is, now that the craziness is over, we can think clearer and make wiser decisions.

I selected what I think to be the best deals for homeschool families on a tight budget that will give you a great ROI (return on investment) and I even included some pretty cool free stuff for you here too!

Here is what I found to be really worth of your savings!


Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership
We bought our lifetime membership to over a year ago. This is a must have in your homeschool and the best resource to use with any subject at any grade level. All done for you! You will be amazed by the thousands of resources ready for you to just print and use. Totally worthy.


Black Friday Little Passports

Little Passports was the very first subscription we ordered when we started homeschooling 4 years ago and it’s awesome!! It’s so much fun to receive the monthly kit in the mail with the lesson and activities for that month’s country if you’re doing world’s geography or if you prefer American geography, the state you will be studying about that month. The kids have extra resources to do online too. It’s well put together, really fun for the kids and they do learn a lot from it!


Black Friday Educents

$10 off orders of $49+ & Free Shipping* Use code: BLESSED.
Exclusive code for Canadians is BLESSEDCA for $10 off orders $49+ !!

Educents is my go-to place when I need any kind of homeschool resources. They have literally thousands of products at a discounted price!


Black Friday

If you love Illustrated Faith devotional kits, there are 3 on sale for $15 only at DaySpring! So click on the banner and check them out. I use them for our homeschool with the kids. You can read about how we use Bible journaling in our homeschool here:

5 – EPIC

Black friday

Oh goodness! Where to begin with Epic? Think of Epic as the Netflix of books. Anything you want to read is there! From picture books to chapter books, audiobooks, read to me books, classics like Narnia, Anne of Green Gables and so much more plus educational videos! This is an app my son especially uses every single day! Getting 2 months for free is such a great deal!! 😀 Your kids will love it! Epic is helping us raise good readers in our house. Read about how we use Epic here.


Anything coming from Not Consume is excellent!! Right now my 8 -years-old son is doing A Content Heart Junior Bible study written by Kim Sorgius and I am so impressed by her studies, being a theologian myself and very, VERY, picky with Bible studies. I saw a huge faith growth and a big compassion heart being developed in my son these past months. She has Bible studies for grown ups too, homeschool planners and many other resources.


Black Friday

Dove Channel is the “Netflix” for believers! This is a new Christian online channel that is diverse with movies, documentaries, cartoons including VeggieTales, Theo and so many other loved Christian cartoons for our kids. I just love that we can sit down together to watch a clean movie as a family. Dove is offering a deal for homeschoolers for only $24.99 for the whole year!! That’s $2/month!


Grammar Galaxy was a game changer in our homeschool last year! Dr. Melanie Wilson has done a phenomenal job writing this living grammar book. This is unlike any grammar books you have ever seen. Kids actually LOVE IT and ask to do grammar!! Take a look here why we love it so much:


You have heard me talking about before, haven’t you?

My kids have been using it for 4 years!!! All 3 kids have done all pre-school and kindergarten using ABCmouse. This is a complete curriculum for kids ages 2-7. It covers Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Arts, etc. If you have little ones, don;t even think twice! This is the best and most complete online preschool and kindergarten curriculum available. Over 7000 activities, videos, games, lessons, etc… Thousands of printables you can use anytime you need and I love their parent’s dashboard as well. You can sign up now for only $45/year!


Black Friday - The Organized Homeschool Life

Talk about a sanity saver! This is one! I stumbled upon The Organized Homeschool Life last January on sale for only $5! This a great tool, filled with brilliant info, tips, and printables, could help me so much to stay organized not only in my homeschool but in my life in general. I print mine monthly, add it to my binder and follow the challenges and step-by-step instructions for a sane and more organized lif.! This sanity saver is on sale again now for 50%off! Pay only $5 NOW!


The Ultimate Homeschool Organization ecourse


I have a confession to make. When I first saw Kristi’s system of organization I didn’t think it was going to help me. Boy, I was WRONG!! Today I use not only one but three of her systems I’ve learned in her e-course! I will tell you how good this course is: I went through it twice!!! Kristi’s system are brilliant! Easy to implement and they make your homeschool routine way more efficient!! This weekend only, this course is down from $59 for only $37!! If you know you need some serious change in your homeschool system – go for it!! Don’t miss it! This is gold!

12 – GROW YOUR BLOG PARTYING IN 30 DAYS! (For the homeschool mom blogger)

Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days

Are you a mom blogger? What if I told you that you could 5x to 10x your blog growth in 30 days?

What if I told you that you could do it without spending dollars on advertising, hiring a PR team or spending all your waking hours glued to the laptop?

You can grow your blog while having tons of fun, connecting with loads of like-minded bloggers and growing a community that loves you so much it’s unreal!

It happened to me! Over and over again during my blog parties and now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned to grow my blog traffic substantially on Grow Your Blog Partying eCourse.

This weekend (11/26-11/28) I’m having a pre-sell on my course and offering it for only $39!!! And that’s not just it. I’m offering a live webinar with Q&As as a bonus this next Wednesday (11/30)! So if you want to see your blog taking off way quicker than you thought. Sign up for Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 days now!

See you at the party! Meet me at the academy. 😉



Not sure if ABCmouse is for you? Try it here now but don’t forget to order it by Monday to pay only half of the price!

Black Friday: ABCmouse 50%off


This is a must for every Christian family! Clean Christian entertainment for children only! Jelly Telly was created by Phil Visher the creator of VeggiTales. We also use it in our homeschool for history and science. Who would think they would have great videos for that, right?

Black Friday Jelly Telly


Try today! Download all of these pages FREE!

Black Friday NotebookingPages


Try Online Unit Studies FREE!! Beth Napoli from Tech Homeschool Mom creates brilliant unit studies for homeschooling families.

Black Friday Online Unit Studies

That’s it! These are really my favorite deals this weekend!

I pray you have had a wonderful time with family. Focus on what is important! Only buy what you need!

Join me at our Bible Journaling Club this Sunday 2pm EST as we kick off Abraham’s Advent! If you haven’t ordered your e-book yet, just grab it now! (It’s only $3!)

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Your turn: Do you find it hard to stay away from the stores on Black Friday? Where do you find your best deals? What do you save to buy only on Black Friday?

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