Who said that to live a healthier lifestyle you would have to spend a lot of time cooking and spend a lot more money shopping? Who really has more time or money to spend? Not me, certainly not most of the moms I know either! I’ve been a mom for almost nine years and a certified health coach for almost four years.

Healthier Lifestyle

Did I always eat healthy foods? Oh, no…

I ate as unhealthier as I knew how until I’ve finally learned a few tricks that led me to a healthier lifestyle a few years ago. As a cancer survivor and someone who battles with Hashimoto’s, I decided to use all the information I’ve learned not only to help myself and my family but also to help make healthy living easier for busy moms like me, so I founded Live Lean, Love Life.

I am beyond blessed to have been trained first by Dr. Sears and recently by Dr. Josh Axe. Healthy living is not a monster of seven heads, it is not complicated and it is not a lot more expensive as people think either.

I teach my clients the importance of adding nutrition into their diets, without depriving them of eating. Nutrition is my priority – think healthy not skinny, ladies! We need good whole foods that will heal our bodies, give us energy, boost our immunity and even prevent diseases. Eating clean in this crazy toxic world is important!

Here are 7 Super Easy, Time Saving & No Excuses Ideas for a Healthier Lifestyle:

#1 – Smoothies.

I don’t know about you but I need good food in the mornings so I can have energy and good mood for the rest of the day! Yes, I drink a bit of coffee too, but coffee has no nutrition and can’t sustain you. It surely gives you a boost but is a fake one and sure enough, sooner than later you need another cup of Joe.

Smoothies are a fantastic option for your breakfast! You can add so much nutrition to it, pack it with protein and flavor! I always make sure I add a green to it, either spinach or kale, banana or frozen fruits (berries are best!!), almond milk and my Complete protein shake power (the best I have ever found!) or you can use 4 tablespoons or hemp seeds and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for protein. You always want to make sure you have around 20g of protein on your shakes!

Smoothies will not let you feel hungry! They are delicious. Find your perfect combination and go for it.

Here is how you can save time making them: You can use sandwich size Ziplocks to pre-make your smoothies by adding your greens, frozen fruits, etc. Make a big batch all at once and keep it in your freezer. Take it off in the morning and just add milk to blend it!

My kids also love smoothies and sometimes we put them in popsicle molds and freeze them too! If you have a Magic Bullet, you can blend it and drink it on the same container! Just add your lead and your straw and you are good to go. My church friends know that I walk into church every Sunday morning still sipping on my smoothie!

#2 – Salads-In-A-Jar

Want lunch done way ahead of time?? Grab a few Mason jars and prep some awesome salads! Keep in mind the right order to not make them soggy. Dressing on the bottom, hard veggies on the next layer, add your beans, eggs or any other protein then your greens should be on the very top!!

Again, you can make salads for the whole week! Prep it, put it in the refrigerator and viola! Healthy lunch for the whole week will be ready for you. You can grab and go your salad-in-a-jar too! Pinterest has tons of delicious ideas for it, you can follow my Healthy Living board here.

#3 – Soups & Stews

There is nothing more inviting and delicious this time of the year that soups and stews! You can add anything you want to it. Pack your Instant Pot with vegetables, homemade broth, tomato sauce, spices, chicken or beef and that’s it! If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, you will want to get one! They are amazing time savers! Dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes and it retains a lot more vitamins/minerals!

These meals you can cook a big batch and store in big ziplock backs for the whole month.

#4 – Sip Your Water

Water is so important for your body! The whole function of your organs depend on it, did you know that? Also, water helps you get rid of the toxins in your body. 2/3 of your body is made out of water and you should be replacing the water in your body all day long.

Start your day and end your day with water! Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning helps to detox your liver and gives you more energy.

Do you know how much water you need to drink daily? Here is an easy way to figure it out. Calculate your weight in pounds than divide it by two to know the amount in ounces you should drink daily. For example: If you weigh 140 pounds then you need to be drinking about 70oz every day!

A lack of drinking enough water can cause tiredness, fatigue, constipation, digestive issues, weight gain, and many other problems.

I often hear clients saying they don’t like to drink water (one of them is my husband! LOL) and here is the best solution I found to work for them. Make your own flavored water! You can simply add one or two drops of essential oils to your glass water bottle for a refreshing flavor! Lemon, tangerine, and wild orange are my favorites!

I also teach them this detox water recipe and they all love it!

Healthier Lifestyle

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