Are you ready to pick your own one word for this year?! I am so excited to share mine with you and to help you find your own ONE WORD and theme for the New Year.

Three years ago, my one word was BLESSED. That was the year I launched this blog, They Call Me Blessed. I was coming out of a year of severe health issues and an identity crisis after burning out completely and having to step back from full-time ministry.

Discover Your One Word & Theme for the New Year

That year, God used to show me how blessed I am and how much He wanted other moms to go from stressed to blessed.

The year after my one word was BELIEVE. I had to trust God and follow His guidance in so many ways, as He moved us from one side of Canada to the other and as He tripled the size of this community in one month alone in June then again in November. Oh, so much growth pains! But so wonderful to see His marvelous works!

I’m sitting here typing this in awe of how big and how wonderful this community is! We have reached and encouraged over 300,000 moms this year alone! Isn’t God amazing?

So, this past year, my one word, well… my two words were BEYOND BLESSED! And boy, was I beyond blessed this past year! We saw God working miracles and turning our lives upside down once more.

But what is the One Word thing?

In short, your one word is basically the theme and the focus for your new year.

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If you’re struggling to choose a theme, it can be helpful to think of one word or phrase.

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How did my one word and theme help me last year?

The purpose of my theme this past year was to help me keep focused on my blessings while believing in the possibilities what seeing even greater things happening in my life.

I believe God wants us to live the beyond blessed life Christ died on the cross for us to have – a life to the fullness.

The Apostle Paul in the letter to the Ephesians 3:19 (MSG) called us to “Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.”

That is what I envision a Beyond Blessed life to be. Full in the fullness of God! This past year, I shared with our community how to live a beyond blessed life in each area of our lives.

I believe a beyond blessed life is inspired, content, and organized. We focused on keeping our priorities in the right order: God, our marriage, our children, our health, our finances, our ministry… We pursued more joy and less chaos. No more feeling physically and mentally overwhelmed all.the.time! We ditched the busy mom schedule and traded in for a peaceful life with more room to breathe.

  • Don’t you crave a more balanced and organized life?
  • More time with God and more quality time with the family?
  • Don’t you want to live the fullness of everything God has for you?

So we launched Beyond Blessed Life Planner to help Christian women do just that!

Are you ready to find your word and theme for this year?

3 reasons to choose your a word or set up a theme for the New Year:

Your one word or theme invites simplicity.

There’s something about a brand new year that encourages you to become an overachiever. You plan to start a fitness regimen, start homeschooling, improve your homeschool, get a new job, start a new blog, find love, get out of debt, eat healthy, start planning your meals, start freezing meals, spend more time with loved ones, go back to school, or any number of other goals.

Having just one word or phrase to guide you can simplify your resolutions.

Not only does this decrease stress, it also makes it easier to focus. You’re more likely to achieve big things when you’re not feeling pressured to do it all.

Your one word or theme challenges you to be intentional.

It’s easy to think of resolutions like a dessert bar filled with cakes, candy, cookies, ice cream, and other goodies. You want one of everything, so it’s easy to load up on the things you think you’re supposed to want.

But what if you flipped the script? What if instead of trying to take a bit of everything, you just picked up one decadent dessert like a creamy cheesecake topped with a sweet cherry glaze or a slice of melt-in-your-mouth peach cobbler? What if you embraced the sweetness of now with a simple choice?

Use your one word or phrase to help you be more intentional about your New Year’s priorities.

Your one word or theme shifts your focus.

It’s easy to fixate on what you don’t like about yourself or your life. For example, if you’re in a bad situation that you can’t change, you may keep throwing around the word “stuck”.

Choosing one word to embrace can shift your focus.

What if you used the word “purpose” to remind yourself that there’s a purpose for the situation you’re in?

By the way, if you want to discover your purpose for this season of your life, join our 30 Days to Start Living Your Purpose FREE Challenge.

A lot of creative people enjoy choosing a single word to act as a focal point. Elizabeth Rider has a blog post with a list of words you might want to consider. Gretchen Rubin shares the words she and loved ones have used in the past few years on her blog. My blog coach and a huge inspiration in my life, Crystal Paine, published her word for 2018 on her blog and she chose a really good one! One that most people are missing.

You can let others know the word you chose by going to My One Word and post your word. You can even browse what words other people are picking for this year to give you some inspiration. Regardless of what word you pick, I pray it will give you the focus and direction you need in the new year!

Need help choosing a word or theme for this year?

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Join the 30 Days to A Life With Purpose Free Challenge

My Favorite Tool For A Beyond Blessed New Year

The Beyond Blessed Life Planner is the best tool to help you be more inspired, organized and purposeful this year! Download your dated or undated printable planner here.

Beyond Blessed Life Planner

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