It’s time to refresh your routines, friend. And I am going to explain to you why it is so important to refresh your routines often.

I love Summer! Summer is my happiest season of the year. I love all the fun things we get to do together as a family, like going to the lake, lots of pool days, long nature walks, the free schedule to do what we want, and the days spent in the sunshine. Can I just say I love going everywhere on my flip flops?

This was our first Summer not doing any homeschool. I needed a break and so did the kids. We had a huge change in our lives moving across the country and adjusting to new everything including new homeschool routine.

I also wanted to take this time to have lots of fun with them and work on some big blog projects like launching my first homeschool e-course, 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Year, that has been a smashing success! Praise God!

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Refresh Your Routines

Near the end of summer, I start to crave a more solid routine in my day. As much as I rested, had tons of fun with the kids and got some big projects done, it’s time to create new routines around here. An unscheduled day here or there is so needed. But too many of them all strung together just leads to chaos in my home!

We thrive on routines around here. Routines give us a sense of security, of knowing what is coming up next, of solid ground somehow. But our lives are constantly changing, soon we will start our new homeschool year, we will be leading small groups in our new church, on Tuesdays I’m teaching a Bible journaling workshop, and kids will begin to take new extra-curricular lessons.

This is the perfect time to refresh your routines!

So as the Fall quickly approaches, my thoughts have been starting to turn back to forming some new routines within my day. But sometimes, just getting the motivation to get started is the hardest part! Am I right?

Why You Need To Refresh Your Routines Often

1 – Refresh Your Routines To Catch Up With The Season

There is a huge difference in our routines during each one of the four seasons of the year. Don’t you agree? Spring and summertime we spend more time outside, while fall and winter we tend to spend more time indoors.

During summers we’re free to do whatever we want during the week but when fall comes we need to adjust to a new homeschool routine, new church activities, new extracurricular classes for the kids or co-op and so much more. I wrote some great tips for getting back into your homeschool routine after a long break that may help you.

I find that even the amount of time I spend cooking or cleaning my house changes with the seasons. Bedtime changes with the seasons around here. My kids don’t go to bed until super late in the summertime because it’s bright outside until 9 pm and they want to play as long as there is daylight.

Our family rhythm changes with the seasons and naturally should our routines.

If you want a wonderful tool to help your kids with their own weekly chores and schoolwork routine, download these kids’ weekly checklists here.

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2 – Refresh Your Routines To Change What Is Not Working

With every change in our routines also comes the certainty that it will take a few hit and miss to adjust and make it work better for us.

It’s not that we create a wrong routine, it’s that we need to allow time to see how it will work for us and make changes for our own benefits.

“You will never CHANGE YOUR LIFE until you change something you do daily. THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS is found in your daily routine.” -John C. Maxwell

If something it’s not working well, it’s time for a change. Brainstorm for ideas on how to make it work. Don’t be afraid of tweaking your routine until you find what really works best for you and your family.

3 – Refresh Your Routines To Often to Reflect Your Priorities

Is everything sucking your time and you are having no time for your priorities? I get it! One of my most read posts and watched video from this blog is How to Get Out of Your Busy Mom Schedule. Why? Because we are masters in taking on too much and added to our already full plate. The problem is we lose focus of what really matters and we get overwhelmed and exhausted. Not cool!

We need to refresh our routines often to reflect our priorities! Putting your big stones in first. Are you familiar with the Jar of Life concept?

Watch this quick video:

Our daily routine should reflect our priorities. Are you spending time enough with God? Is your health suffering and you need to spend more time taking good care of yourself or sleeping more? Is your marriage suffering and you need to be intentional in setting daily time aside for one-on-one with your spouse? Are your children craving for mommy’s attention?

What are the big stones in your life that need to come first hand?

I confess that homeschooling and blogging are very time consuming and that many times I had to stop everything to think about my priorities and how I’ve been spending or wasting my time. Yes, there is a big difference between one and the other.

A few weeks ago, I came across an INCREDIBLE resource that’s coming at the perfect time for me so I thought I would share it here with you.

It is Called Refresh Your Routines

My friend Jami from Homemaking Ministries has put together a FREE eKit called Refresh Your Routines – Getting Back on Track With Your Daily Disciplines.

What perfect timing! This free eKit contains 4 video lessons to help walk you through creating routines in your home AND 9 downloadable pages to actually help you stick to those routines.

All you have to do is sign up for the free eKit and you will get immediate access to download it! Get FREE access to Refresh Your Routines!

What’s included in the PDF?

  • Daily disciplines for homemakers sheet
  • Daily routines checklist (morning and evening edition)
  • Daily routines checklist (morning, afternoon, and evening edition)
  • Monthly habit tracker
  • 2 pages of Bible reading tracking
  • Books to read coloring sheet (this is probably my favorite)
  • Reading list checklist (with ratings)

And the four part video series helps you take these printable pages and get the most out of them! So if you are like me and are CRAVING some order and routine in your day but you are not sure the best way to go about it? Then come on over and sign up for my brand new FREE eKIT!! 

Sign up here for free

Your turn: How often do you refresh your routines?