I recently quit watching TV the way I used too. It was sucking all my time and making me unproductive. Now, I am much more selective about what I watch and when I watch.

Here’s a scary question for you. How much time do you spend watching TV each week, mindlessly surfing the internet, playing video games and such? If you’re anything like the average American it’s a lot more than you’d like to admit or even think possible.

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Why I don't waste time watching TV Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to sit down and spend time watching your favorite TV show or hang out and game. When it’s intentional and this is how you choose to spend your time, go for it and enjoy. It only becomes problematic when time flies by and before you know it is three hours later and you have no idea what just happened. That’s when  TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets and your smartphone become time suckers.

Why is this a problem? Because time is the only truly limited resource we’re working with. If push comes to shove, you can find a way to get more of everything else, be it money, friends, or something easy like bread. But time, we can’t get back and we don’t get more of. There’s no way to earn a few extra hours. We all work with 24 of them per day. Since they are our most limited resource, we should make sure we use them wisely and intentionally.

Just today I was reading an article that states that a single American spends 608 hours on social media and 1642 hours watching TV a year. That is 2250 hours that could be intentionally used in other areas of life. (Source: https://qz.com/895101/in-the-time-you-spend-on-social-media-each-year-you-could-read-200-books/)

Should you waste time watching TV or surf the net mindless?

Today’s challenge for you is to simply become more aware of what’s sucking up a lot of your time when it comes to this type of entertainment. Instead of mindlessly popping down on the couch after a day at work and drifting off until it’s time to go to bed, think about it before you do. Is this how you want to spend your time? If so, go ahead. If there’s something else you want to try, go for it. In other words, start making conscious choices about your free time.

Here are a few ideas of things to do instead of watching TV

  • Go for a walk in the neighborhood with the family
  • Read a book
  • Have a meaningful conversation with your spouse or children.
  • Play fun board games for some old-fashioned interactive family time
  • Get the house clean, laundry folded, and drawers organized while listening to an audiobook

Pick what makes the most sense to you. Find something purposeful to do with all those extra hours in your day.

You’ll be amazed at just how much free time you have once you stop wasting it away. Suddenly there is time for that new hobby you thought you couldn’t get around to. There’s time to work on exercise and still find time to watch your favorite movie. Being intentional and purposeful with your time, particularly during those times of the day when it would otherwise slip through your hands can have a profound on your life and your well being.