FREE Summer Journal for Kids – Don’t miss out on any of those summer memories!

If you’ve ever considered buying a summer journal for your kids but never purchased one, what are you waiting for? Not only is it a great way for them to record all their awesome and amazing summer adventures, but it’s also a good keepsake to remind them of their carefree summer days. If the price has stopped you from getting them a summer journal before, then this FREE summer journal for kids will be exactly what you are looking for!

Free Kids Summer Journal

Summer Journal for Kids – Simple Way to Log their Fun

Summer days for kids seem to be carefree and fun! They wake up and start their day full of adventure and excitement. But…do you ever wonder what goes on in their minds or what they are doing during all those fun summer days? If you are wanting to feel more in tune with them and their summer fun, get them a summer journal that they can write in! It’s a great way for them to explore their own thoughts and emotions while giving you a little glimpse into their ever-changing lives.

Your kids will love this journal so much that they won’t even realize that they are using their mind and writing skills during the summer months! It’s easy to use and asks questions to make your child stop and think. They’ll write about their day, their emotions and even items for the future such as travel plans.

Did I mention this Summer Journal for Kids is FREE?!

I love offering free products to you! After all, we are all in parenthood together, right? Finding ways to have our children do activities that aren’t schoolwork can be a bit tough…but this summer journal for kids makes it a bit easier!

Think outside the box on ways to get your child to use their summer journal…Consider talking to them about a reward if they finish it completely. While it isn’t always appropriate to reward for certain situations, you make the judgment call!

Your child can complete this summer journal themselves or partner up with you to talk through it together. No matter the options, it sounds like a win in my book!

Get your child interested in journaling!

Many kids nowadays feel as though journaling just isn’t really their “thing”. And while it may seem a bit old school to some, I love having a pen or pencil in my hand and physically writing down my thoughts and emotions. It helps me to feel as though I am removing them from my mind and thought process and putting them out there to help me focus.

The same can be said for your child! Maybe even more so because they are younger and in a more fragile phase of their life. Talk to your child about the importance of keeping a summer journal. They may like the idea of having it as a reference for what they were like when they were young.

With the cost of this summer journal being ZERO dollars, what do you have to lose? It’s 100% FREE for you to download and totally simple to have your child start using it today! Start the summer journal process ASAP and get your children excited about writing and thinking outside of the box!

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